About this blog and its author…

John Madsen-Bibeau is a Licensed Marraige and Family Therapist and an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ.  He specializes in addiction counseling and all the family issues that go hand-in-hand with it.  He also does sand-tray therapy with children. He has written a book on recovery from addiction, trauma, and other problems called “Getting Your Life Back” (available at Amazon.com!).  He works in Chicopee and Springfield, MA and lives in West Hartford, CT.

The blog is about places where faith (including justice issues) and therapy (and psychology) meet. Oh, and then there’s just the extraneous material that’s about other things (called “stray thoughts”)

He’s starting to think that his opinion does, in fact, matter, but  is ever mindful  that his opinions are not worth more — or less — than anyone else’s.  The theology sections are called “do your own theology”  because he  hopes you will do just that.

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