The Day The Republican Party Died

Apparently, we stand, once again, at the precipice of large swaths of our population losing their health care. If that happens, if the Republicans do this thing based on the passage of the House bill, it will mark the end of the Republican Party.  Not “the Republican Party as we know it”, but the actual Republican Party. Let’s do the numbers: if only 12% of the population want the bill, no one voting voting for it can say they “did it for their base”. The base in question has to be a majority of voters, and that’s not it. Simply by virtue of the voting booth, no Republican can win. How hard is it to run against the person that voted to speed your parents’ or child’s death? How hard could it possibly be to vote against someone who voted against people’s existence

If one wants to talk about Republican/conservative values, how much liberty can there be if there is less life? How much pursuit of happiness can there be if your loved ones die?  The bill would threaten the lives of seniors who vote, who were promised Medicare would remain safe. It would threaten the lives of the mentally ill, because that’s who Medicare pays to now. In the midst of an “opioid crisis”, that seems like a great plan. So, yes, it will rid the streets of addicts and the crime they contribute to,  but not before addicted and/or mentally ill people attack leaders out of their desperation.  There will be riots in the streets if the bill passes. It’s hard enough in this country to convince people that peaceful protest is valid  now.  Desperate people are a lot less inclined to be thoughtful. If the Congress survives that, voters will be heard in 2018. 

If they survive this, I –and many others — will make it the mission of our dying days to make sure  that no Republican ever gets voted in again. 

So why would anyone be interested in voting for, supporting, or putting forward this bill? I believe that when Donald Trump worked with the Democratic Party, ostensibly saying “because Republicans can’t do it”, Mr. McConnell set out to prove to Trump that they could. That’s why the rush. Republicans trying to get this bill passed hate Democrats so much that they have forgotten the people who elected them, the millions of people who make up America.

The Republicans can pass the bill if they have the votes, but it will be signing their own suicide note.
Resisting in Peace,


2 thoughts on “The Day The Republican Party Died

  1. I had some hope for the current Presidential administration in one regard – for the economy. However the national debt continues to grow like gangbusters, and WILL eventually bring this country to our knees. I see a few, very tiny, speckles for hope – but I was hoping for so much better (or less worse).

    And the rest of the prioritization of the Federal government seems to be in the wrong places, doing the wrong things. In general I support some of the Republican platform, but virtually nothing going on nowadays reflect that.

    Don’t misunderstand – Trump is a life-long democrat. If I had to guess, I would suspect he is going about his current course of action only as a way to completely mock the conservatives by embracing the fringes. Then in a few years he will say “see how stupid all of this is!”. It’s a pretty brilliant way for a democrat to dismantle the Republican party. I would not mind whatsoever if he were to cease being President, I don’t believe he is making this country a better place.

    I will ask that you stop using the “If democrats don’t get their way, people will die” routine. It’s typical bleeding-heart gibberish, and it’s naive and nonsense. There are ways of eliminating these stupid social programs that have gotten our country into this huge mess, but I think we both agree the answer is not to just flip a switch and shut them off (as seems to be proposed) – for example if I could end the Social Security mess it would tapered over a 30-year transition and not just to shut it off. It can affect the lives of people who have unfortunately had to come to rely on government because of the way the current system has screwed everything up, today’s senior citizens cannot go out and re-establish a savings program from their career (but people who will be that age 30-50 years from now can start planning accordingly).

    Anyone who identifies strongly with the current RINO administration and agenda will have a long road ahead of themselves to earn my respect.

  2. Bob:

    Thanks for responding. So very much to say here.

    I should clarify: It’s NOT that I believe that “if the Democrats don’t get their way, people will die”. I was actually quite hopeful that there was a bi-partisan solution to health-care reform (ok, yes, Obamacare reform, but that’s what we have now. I would love to have “OURcare” as hammered out by both parties.)
    Paul Ryan said yesterday or the day before that he would never bring a plan like that to the floor.

    I’m ok with “reform”, but the idea of “repeal” and “replace” with no plan (and they had no plan — seriously, they had no plan) is just absurd. Obama was trying to solve a problem that we had. It was a bigger problem than even I understood. He managed to do it, by borrowing from Mitt Romney’s plan, (which I didn’t get, either).

    I don’t really care if it’s dem or rep, but the party of the people now who want to just take away insurance and — more to the point — thus hurt millions of people is a part that needs to go away and never come back The tone during the campaign was “prove you’re the meanest to get re-elected” among republicans. Right now, that’s their “brand” — the image they choose to present. In short, “mean parties suck”. If my party did this, I’d probably be happy for awhile, then come to my senses and want them to end as well.

    I listen to Morning Joe podcast nearly every day, and he says that Trump is “really” a Democrat. I hate the word “really” because it seems like people are wanting an excuse, not apologizing. I really hate when liberals do that, by the way. I don’t like Michael Foucault. Republicans are getting to wreak a lot of havoc on the country behind Trump. They own him.

    Yes, let’s bring down the debt. Yes, let’s make the economy stronger, but the 1% or 1/10 of 1% rich already have enough. They don’t need anymore. Also, let’s not spend all our money on war. The government seems to always find money for that, but not for education, or healthcare, or whatever things people need.

    By the way, last remark. I don’t think any sane American could have seen that anybody could be this bad. Trump is truly a psycho.



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