What Progressives Are For

I was listening to a Nation Podcast featuring an interview with Naomi Klein, who’s written a book called “No Is Not Enough” where she says that the current Democratic Party is its own worst enemy, and the reason we have been on the slippery slope to Donald Trump  for such a long time. In essence, she seems to say Democrats are asking the wrong questions or not asking the right questions. It’s not enough to be against President Trump’s agenda. We spend enough time being against their rules. As someone who is definitely not a jock, but am still proudly using a man’s brain, I’m going to use a sports metaphor: we must control the tempo of the game. We must make them play our game. Of course, we need to figure out what our game is. 

So here’s what at least this progressive is for.

I’m for equal rights. Forget being against racism, sexism, homophobia/heterosexist. I am for all people having equal rights and equal access to things.

I believe that men can be trusted, that women can be trusted, that everyone between those two poles can be trusted, to make decisions affecting their lives. I believe we should let them do so. 

I believe that there are competent Blacks, Whites, and every color (or mix) of people, and that they are are worthy of our time as a society.  I believe that all people can be more intelligent, more competent, and bigger dreamers with an education that serves their needs. I believe that they should have access to that, so that they can be their best selves.

I believe that science is true, if not totally complete, knowledge. I believe that science needs to be paired with morality or ethics in order to be of use to us as humans. 

I believe in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I believe that this is compatible with belief in science, reality, and what our senses can tell us. I believe that without them, all of the knowledge in the world is of less use, and with them, we can be our best self. In fact, I believe that the Trinity calls us to be our best self.

I believe that all people should be able to meet their basic needs. If they can’t –and the reality is that some people can’t, not won’t —  I believe that society should see that they do. 

I believe that if we do all of this, we will have the peace and security we long for. 

I believe that there are limits to what people need, and that there should be limits to what they want, as well. I believe that if we share what we have, we can take care of all people. If that is not true, then — using logic and our best sense — we can figure something else out. I believe we have to try first, though.

I believe that climate change is real. I believe that we need to fix it, and we need to use our best guesses to do that. I believe we need to use the information we already have as a start.  

I like the Constitution. I especially like the preamble to it. I believe in the freedom of the press to tell us the truth about the world we live in. I also believe that the press, like all institutions, should act ethically. I believe that the bigger an institution is, the more it needs to act ethically. 

I believe that individuals sometimes act unethically. When they do, they should be stopped, and I believe they should be given a means to redeem themselves. If they don’t want to, they should be kept away from society. 

I believe that human beings are worth more than money. 

I believe that we are dependent on the environment. It is incumbent on us, therefore, to take care of it, not the least because of that dependence.

I believe that it’s none of my business whom you love, unless someone’s getting hurt in the relationship.

That’s what this progressive believes, and — if I have learned nothing else in my time blogging — I believe that I’m not alone in believing in these things.

Resisting with Peace,