People Who Don’t Like Humanity Shouldn’t Be President.

Today, my friend Val shared an article on Facebook about our President planning to/wanting to cut back on heating assistance to the old and poor. After apparently disliking half the population (see Meghan Kelly, Mika Breszinski, Hillary Clinton) adding in another 5% for Black men (see Barack Obama and Jeff Sessions)  another who-knows-how many-handicapped or sick people, (the healthcare bill) children who want to be educated in the public schools,( see also Betsy Devos) and everyone who lives on the planet (see the Paris accords on climate change), I am not surprised at all that he wants to defund heating for those who might freeze to death.

The Press tries to psychoanalize him, but it seems clear to me that — actual diagnosis aside — Donald Trump simply hates humanity. One could make the case that he likes rich, White guys, but the Paris accord decision takes them off the board as well. That leaves no one the President cares about. It’s probably not in the Constitution, but shouldn’t “crimes against humanity” be an impeachable offense? 

His politics, his words, his actions all point to hatred for the very human race that he is a part of. I don’t worry that it means he’s suicidal, because, though tragic, that would only mean one life gone. Homicidality to all human life is my first concern. After them, we can get back to him.

If this seems over-dramatic, consider his provocation of a certain Korean psychopath who is testing missiles. This does not mean, by the way, that Kim Jong Il isn’t dangerous and provocative all on his own. He is. Teasing a crazy man who is waving around a knife, however, doesn’t seem too bright to me. When the “knife” in question is a nuke… well, wow. Just wow.

So, from a scientific, experimental viewpoint, we can sit around and see if I’m right, or we can impeach him/jail him.  All the evidence says I’m right so far. If it is a sociological experiment, remember that Trump and his ilk don’t believe in science or facts, so he won’t believe whatever we say. This is a problem. Like all people who are like this, I don’t vote for the death penalty in whatever form, but I do believe in restraint until he can be safe with others. Right now, President is not showing any signs in that direction. I would settle for impeachment, but would prefer time in a psychological treatment facility until that changes.

Yes, it is that bad.
Resisting with Peace,