What Washington Doesn’t Get… 

I’ve been listening to Morning  Joe lately because the seem to offer balanced left/right, conservative/liberal, Democrat/Republican positions. The other day, in talking about President Trump and Healthcare, they started a sentence with “putting aside the moral issues, of which there are many….”. That’s when it hit me: That is what’s wrong here — in Washington and for those playing our home game: We think we can put aside morals and talk about politics. Politics is supposed to be about morals — our morals as a country, represented by moral people who want to do right by the country. I don’t mean piety, by the way. I don’t care who wears a flag on their lapel, or who can recite the 10 Commandments. What I care about is whether or not they live the 10 commandments in dealing with their constituents. I don’t care if you look like a patriot. I care if you are a patriot.

This most recent healthcare attempt is the closest thing I can remember to an anti-moral bill any Congressional wanted to act on in my lifetime. “Feed the rich, starve the poor” is anti-morality. .Take away people’s healthcare, while keeping your own is no way to build compassion. Put back into place laws that we know punished African-Americans so you can prove you’re “tough on crime”? Moses freed slaves. He didn’t make more of them. Cutting back on food for kids or adults while giving more to those who have plenty

Of the three “inalienable rights”, those who fight for “liberty and the pursuit of happiness” have forgotten those who fight for “life”. While chasing what life “looks like to others”, they have forgotten that what life IS is reality. While they live in illusion, it’s reality that will get them. Scoring points against “The Other Side”, whichever side you’re on, is NOT the goal.  Serving others is.  When our public servants understand  that, things will change. Until then, nothing will. 


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