A Word To The Parties

I know I’m not the only one who’s noticed… People in Congress — both houses, both parties — aren’t doing anything. Neither is the President, but he’s in a party, as well. Well, ok. You are doing something. Maybe some of you are saving us from ourselves, and that’s good. But enough navel gazing already! Do something!

People need jobs more than you need money. People need healthcare more than you need insurance stock. People need mental health more than you need to express craziness. People need to eat more than you need to complain about it. People need to deal with weird weather and coastal flooding more than you need to deny it. People need peace more than you need war. 

All of our elected officials in Washington need to give up their jobs if they’re not going to do them. Let somebody in who wants to serve the people, wants to represent their people in the highest halls of power. In short, lead! Care! Care about actual people, not the philosophy of people. 

In the world of therapy, if our leaders were parents responsible for children, DCF would have removed them due to some combination of abuse and neglect. As it is, we get to watch Mommy and Daddy fight because, well, they like to fight. They like to fight over what we need and what’s best for us because they think they know.  Reps and Dems want us to believe that they know what’s best, but they never ask. They want us to prove that we should get the things we need. They say we’re lazy or drugged out or uneducated so they’ll need proof that we are trustworthy. They don’t ever produce anything, and they complain about our productivity. They fight and accuse us of being angry. They write laws that allow them to make more money and they complain about the crime rate.

Do your job, officials! Investigate what needs to be investigated. Write laws that make it more likely we’ll live full lives with dignity rather than withhold and degrade us. You are in charge! Not corporations, you! And you work for us, so a little attention would be nice. You don’t have to give us everything we want, but getting our needs met would be nice. 

And fighting? Enough already! In my office, addicts who don’t want to change do what you’re doing right now — fight. You speak at each other, not with each other. You shuck and jive about what reality is for goodness sake! You distract yourselves with nonsense, because few, if any of you, understand  “servant leadership” or compassion or mercy or love. An old therapist I know used to say, “A relationship can either be about love or it can be about power. It can’t be both.” You don’t love each other, and you don’t love us, so it’s about power for you… cut it out! 

I never want to hear a member of the administration ever complain about someone else if they’re not going to take responsibility for their own actions or try to do better than the person they are complaining about.

If you worked in our companies, instead of owning them, you’d know:

a) you can’t skip work to go golfing. You’ll lose your job.

b) you lose your job if you don’t produce something.

c) if you’re aggressive towards others — if you’re a bully, or a harasser, there’s going to be a process, and if you don’t change, you’ll lose your job.

d) as we’re told all the time, there are plenty of people willing to do your job if you don’t want it.

So now, do your job, care about someone other than yourselves, be loving to each other and to us, or, as they used to say on TV, “You’re fired!”. And don’t think we won’t do it, either. Enough is enough.

Resisting angrily, but with Peace,


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