Republicans Are Forgetting The People They Serve

I don’t usually pick on one party or the other, as both parties have problems, both parties have corruption and systemic issues, and neither of them particularly set high standards which live up to God’s call for justice and caring for our sisters and brothers in our country and around the world. With that in mind, let’s just talk about practical things. What are the parties saying they want to do for people, and what are they actually doing for people?

Remembering that the country has needed infrastructure repair since at least Obama arrived in Washington, the American people need roads, bridges, sewer lines, electrical lines, etc. that actually work.  They also, as every politician likes to point out, need jobs. So let’s see, we have work that must be done — not “it would be nice if we could get it done, actual “people will die if it isn’t done “. We also have unemployed people who need work to do.  What’s the solution to both of these issues? Let the people who need jobs do the work that has to be done! Who would employ them? Well, because they are federal roads and bridges and such, the owners of those bridges — the federal government — needs to hire them! 

Because the economic crisis seems to be about getting jobs for the less than educated White guy — the kind of guy who works in a coal mine because there’s no other work — the main constituency that voted for this President and demanded change — can be given a safer job that doesn’t pollute the environment in the same way that say, pouring coal dust into rivers, does. I’m not saying that construction jobs aren’t dangerous, but they are far less dangerous than working inside a mountain. 

Please hear me — these are the voters Hillary couldn’t get or care about either. Democrats didn’t notice them, but Republicans supposedly did. Have you seen a massive infrastructure plan yet? Me neither. Who’s in power? The Republicans. Whose President is this? The Republicans. Who blocked this bill when Obama tried to do it 8 years ago? Republicans. 

Why is it this way? Because the Republicans want to fight the Democrats more than they want to help the People. One of the “games” that is in the book “Games People Play” is called “Let’s You and Him Fight” in which the person controlling the situation convinces others to fight, so that they don’t have to get involved, or change. Another way to think about is the couples that come to see me for therapy argue about minor details of reality itself. The result of this is that nothing changes

As long as Republicans insist on fighting Democrats rather than the ills of society, and the needs of the people, it’s going to remain this way. Now, you may say that Democrats like to fight Republicans and nothing changes either, but Republicans have been openly antagonistic to Democrats since Reagan. Impeaching Clinton for years over an affair? Gee, no on else has ever had an affair in office… then the Birther movement for Obama, then years of Benghazi hearings for Hillary — with no charges actually brought? That’s harassment! 

So, here’s the thing to watch– will the current Party in Power spend more time accusing the Democrats or will they try to get actual work done for their constituents? Will there be an infrastructure bill? Will there be more fighting or more doing? With a majority everywhere, it shouldn’t be hard. And even if they need Democratic support, would it be such a bad thing if they tried to work with them? There are solutions out there. Republicans need to start using them.

Resisting in Peace,