Shock And Awe… But Why?

For months, I have tried to talk about America as though it was one country, because I like to conceive of things that way — holding us accountable to our best selves and our highest ideals. Beside that, last I looked, we were 50 United States, so I’d like to think I have my facts straight.

But, if that’s true, why would we elect a man who has built a “shock and awe” campaign as his cabinet? For that matter, why would the President-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named request the Cabinet he has? His cabinet is a) a man f0r the EPA who doesn’t believe in the EPA, A woman to head public education who doesn’t believe we should have public education, an attorney general who won’t follow the rule of law, a secretary of state whose company is larger than many countries, and is therefore above this countries needs, a man who thinks his own people came here as immigrants on the bottom of slave ships. Those would be his ancestors! And, in the middle of it, is a man who supports White Supremacists, the President’s Chief of Staff!

Every liberal I know is busy defending themselves and the causes they believe in pretty much non-stop. Every day brings something new  — an attack on Muslim rights, on Women’s rights, an attack on the law, an attack on decency. The administration is waging a campaign of shock and awe against its own people. “Shock and Awe” was a term I heard first in GW Bush’s Gulf War and it was designed to loosen people’s resolve to fight against the overwhelming odds facing them, and a chance for us to show off our military toys which included a fireworks show that we could watch from afar. That campaign was designed to make us say “ooh” and “ahh” while we destroyed a country for political reasons.  The premise then was “this is war against our enemies and that’s different because these are extreme circumstances”….

While we now know there were other factors at work , that was the contention. But if that was the contention, if that’s the purpose of “shock and awe”, why would use it against our own citizens? Why would the administration break up families willingly? Why would our government make it difficult for women to get healthcare? In fact, why would we make it hard for everyone to get healthcare? Why would we hate workers rights? Why would does this government accuse professionals in the press of doing their jobs? 

Is it because America is homophobic, sexist, anti-semitic, racist, xenophobic and every other darn thing? It could be, but those are all philosophic answers and descriptors, rather than root causes.  They are different descriptions of hate, hate, hate, hate, and hate.  So then comes the question underneath it all — why does this country’s administration hate its citizens?

We are a nation of Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Asians, and various mixes of that. No matter what we are individually, we are not the majority. That means everybody else combined is. Why would we hate them?  We are a nation of men and women and apparently everything in between. If America has more women than men, why does the administration pass laws that penalize women? Isn’t that hating or distrusting or denying the majority’s legal rights?  We are a nation of people who like to be in love and occasionally have sex as a way to express that. 99% of people hope to that in their lifetimes. Why would we hate people who all do the same thing?  We are a nation of Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Taoists, Sikhs, and atheists and a lot of others. Why would our government hate anyone that’s not Christian — and a certain flavor  of Christian at that!?

These are simply facts — citizens of this country are all a mixture of all these things . Why does our government hate  the majority of its citizens? What could those citizens possibly have done to require such a response? The answer is nothing anyone could do can justify this kind of treatment of America’s citizens by its government.

Years ago, someone I know had a bumper sticker which said, “Ordain women or stop baptizing them”. There are, factually, women who seemed to be called to ministry. A majority of people in any group can see that. They follow the rules and belong to the church. They are welcomed into full fellowship through baptism. Why should we sell them the half-set-of-rights package when they were told they bought the complete package?

In the same way, “Give citizens their rights or stop making them pledge allegiance and take an oath to become citizens”. We are told that the Constitution is for all citizens. We know that roads are driven on by all types of citizens and even people who aren’t citizens. Schools are built for all citizens. If they’re all citizens, they should have the rights of all citizens, and — for dignity’s sake — that should include the right to not have your parents taken away. Poor people are citizens just as much as rich ones are.  Full citizens should have full citizenship rights. That’s what makes America great. People who don’t understand that don’t want America to be great — in the first place or , as they say, “again”.  People who don’t understand that, in fact, hate most of  America, because they hate the part of America that’s not just like them — the majority.

Next time you vote, where ever and when ever you vote, don’t vote for someone who hates the majority of America that exists, but wants an America just like them from the past. They get their share of rights already. They don’t need yours.


Resisting with Peace,






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