I Refuse To Be Afraid …

Donald Trump and Kelly Anne Conway want us to fear people who are not from here. Oddly, they’re ok with terrorists who are from here — the KKK and neo-nazis and such. 

I don’t want to be stupid, but I refuse to be afraid. I’ve been here before and I’ll be here again. No, the world isn’t always safe. Yes, there are lots of crazy, violent people out there, but there are far more decent, sane, caring people out there and –according to the statistics, I should be safe. Beside that, as a Christian, even if I die, I live. Not that I want to die, I don’t. I just want to clearly be alive while I live.

Years ago, when I came home from college, there was supposedly a gang war happening in West Covina, California where my parents lived, according to the newspapers. There were random cars, filled with random kids, shooting random people. I was hungry. I walked to the local 7-11, just as I always had done, and have I have since done. I didn’t see any people with guns. I clearly wasn’t shot by one. My experience is that terrorism and crime are over-reported, not under-reported.   We rent out far too much space in our minds for the mass shootings, the murders, the random violence and give kindness far too little coverage. I’m not saying that we don’t have our “Mary got stuck in a well” or “Billy got a nice puppy” stories. We do. But real life decency, kids got good grades or Girl Scouts built a shelter or guy in traffic let you go by — that somehow gets lost. 

Virginia Satir points out that — while fatal driving accidents happen every day — millions of people co-operate, follow the rules, and get where they’re going. Most of us don’t pick fights, most of us aren’t jerks. Most of us want to get along. We just do. 

In the more specific political scene, the number of terror attacks from the 7 countries we’re banning is zero.  Why should I fear them? It makes no sense.

In addition to that, I have seen the alternative — loving community where people I didn’t know sang this song: “Welcome in, take my hand. Let us walk no more and talk no more/as strangers in this land. Let the waters of our lifetime/roll all over one another… Welcome in”. After that, why miss the chance to live life well?

Resisting with peace, 



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