I Think I’ll Be Green Lantern For A While…

For those of you who don’t know everything, I’ve been Batman for years now. Whether it’s campy / earnest Batman of the 1960’s or Michael Keaton’s slightly off Bateman who knows just how crazy the world can get, or Christian Bale’s stealthy, serious crime fighter, I have wanted to be ….well, Batman. Batman of the comics, as every kid knows, is not superhuman. He fights crime in his own way, but that, more often than not, requires his intellect. He is the “Dark Knight Detective”. He has become a hero in response to tragedy and responds by studying, learning, and training, having all those cool gadgets, and saving the day, all the while getting no credit under the mask. I aspire to be all those things, though my wife will tell you we can’t afford all of the gadgets, no matter how cool they are.

Today, on the day of Donald Trump’s election, I think I’ll be someone else. I think I’ll be Green Lantern. Green Lantern started out as a regular guy, now he helps out on a more universal scale, as part of the intergalactic and obviously diverse Green Lantern Corps.yes, he has super powers, but he gets them renewed every day. He has to. His powers emanate from a ring which can create anything his creativity can conceive of, But here’s the catch: Every 24 hours, his ring must be charged by putting his hand in a green lantern of good energy. If he doesn’t, his ring doesn’t work. As I grow older and the fight becomes more serious, I realize now that I need to recharge daily, and I must be part of a team, as well as creatively fighting evil. But here’s the kicker for me. In addition to charging his powers, Green Lantern must say this every time : “In darkest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Beware my power– Green Lantern’s light!”. 

Lantern’s motto is not, “I’ll beat people up” but that “no evil shall escape his sight”. As a minister by day, and blogger by night, all I can say is no evil shall escape my sight.We, all of us humans, fight evil by shining a light on it. The press in America, at its best, does just that. Mr. Trump and a whole lot of other people out there like to hide their crimes in paperwork, under the banner of some theme like patriotism, and want no light shown. We need more lights shown in more spots in the world. Bloggers and ministers in the world unite! Let us fight evil by telling the truth, by saying what we see,  by recharging daily, and through creative crime fighting. 

So, for the foreseeable future, I think I’ll be Green Lantern… 

Resisting with Peace,



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