I Think We Can Safely Say It’s Going to Be A Mess Under Trump — We Have Work To Do

America for all of 2016 has been greatly divided. Post-election though, the reality of our connectedness is starting to come through. In believing that liberals/progressives were finally going to get there come-uppance for unseen sins. 

Psychologically, the game has been “let’s you and him fight”. The right has fought anything with the word “Obama” in it for at least 6 years as though the fight was with Obama, which meant “against even the friends of Obama”. The insanity behind it all — the sheer absurdity behind it all —  started to show a few years ago. The Clinton emails scandal/witch hunt that took four years? I’m not saying there isn’t something fishy going on, but if you look for something under every rock and stone for a year, maybe it’s not there. And if you spend four years looking for something you couldn’t find in a year? That’s absurd. There just wasn’t that much to be mad about to equal that much anger. 

That anger led to the election of Donald Trump. Delusions, however painfully, go away when they have to act like they are reality. If they were real, they will stand up to scrutiny. If not, they won’t. 

Yesterday, I saw a woman on a news show and she was crying — crying! — because she might lose her Obamacare and Planned Parenthood would be defended by the man who was locally voted in. She thought no one was defending her now and she is upset. It’s like the people who voted for Brexit, primarily to show the government who was boss — and then googled it the next day when they won. They were angry about something that they didn’t know about.

So here in America, people voted their hate. Their hate was based in lies — Obama created ISIS, Hillary was more corrupt than Trump; the problem was protest and Black people, rather than the problems being faced and people that shot them; the problem in the budget was the poor people who didn’t pay taxes, rather than the 8 people who owned as much as half of the world not paying their taxes; science being the problem rather than climate change; women wanting their legal and medical rights were seen as problems, rather than the men who wanted the removal of those rights;  All of this is hate — them vs. us.  All hate is a lie. Anger might be truthful, but hate that goes on forever is at least partially a lie.

Now, we got what we wanted. We have elected someone who will encourage us to hate each other and has hired people who will speak lies to the disempowered. This doesn’t work because lies can’t stand up under scrutiny and now we’re upset as we examine who the president elect has chosen.

We are looking at a man who will discharge the law of the land who believes that the law of the land is unconstitutional 

We are looking to receive our children’s education from a woman who doesn’t believe in, or have any experience of public education. 

We are looking at a man who heads possibly the world’s largest multinational corporation attempting to look out for the best interests of one country.

We are looking at another man who already admitted he had no government experience now responsible for the housing of its citizens and the cities where millions live. 

There’s also a man in charge of the nation’s security — a job that calls for calm rationality–  who is a conspiracy theorist.

In fact, the person in the cabinet  I have the least concerns about got her job because her husband is a power figure in the government. 

If you hate democracy, if you hate large innocent portions of the American people — children, women, the handicapped, people who want there to be an earth, (and yes, African-Americans and immigrants and Mexicans and gay folks and Asians and …  are all of those) — then this is the cabinet for you. 

Since I don’t know of anyone who wants to destroy American democracy, then people must have based their votes on lies or mistakes. 

Finally, to be clear:

1) Obama didn’t create ISIS.

2) Hillary is not more tied to Wall Street than Trump.

3) Being shot is the problem. Complaining about it is not.

4) Racism is the problem. Complaining about it is not.

5) Poor people aren’t taking our money. Rich people are.

6) Climate change is a problem. Proving there is, is not the problem. 

7) Facts are not the problem. Denying them is.

8) Women wanting health care is not a problem. Women not getting health care is.

9) People having rights due them is not the problem. People trying to take them away is.
So, now that the lies aren’t working for us (as if they ever were), let’s deal with the real problems — and the real people who want to create them.

Resisting with peace,



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