Sick Is Sick

Before anybody says anything, 3 punks in Chicago no more represent Black people in this country than 1 supposedly straight man represented straight men in Orlando or the Unibomber represented bearded men who in the woods or Ann Coulter represents all blondes. 

I dislike Trump as much as the next guy, but I don’t beat up mentally ill people for it. Just because somebody says something of an ideology doesn’t mean they have a soul or a conscience. Being able to claim a certain thought doesn’t mean you’re a good person — not even close.

 To whit: Adolph Hitler, Dylan what’s-his-face from Columbine, or Osama Bin Laden. Dumb people aren’t good just because they’re dumb, either by the way. Witness Dylan Roof. 

What happened in Chicago this week is the equivalent of Al Capone saying “F Elliot Ness”. 

There are human beings who don’t represent humanity, regardless of what they say. Sometimes sick is just sick. 

Resisting with peace,



One thought on “Sick Is Sick

  1. Agreed! Unfortunately it’s the very very few who get lots and lots of press. They don’t represent humanity – they represent themselves (who are broken). There are lots of other people who would never think like these rare few.

    I’d be happy to represent REAL humanity, if they are looking for volunteers. And you could to that too. Hello, NBC? CBS? FOX? NPR? Some REAL people here to represent humanity if you want. (Probably won’t be very good for your ratings though)

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