God of all creation, we need a little perspective, and we need it badly. .

There are those among us who believe that they are superior to others and that others shouldn’t be alive. Yes, there have always been people like that, but there seem to be more than I can ever remember and I am scared.

The forces of dissolution, chaos, and anger threaten our world in countries everywhere, including the US, but certainly not limited to us. Some people of every ancestry believe that somehow they are more special to you than others, but I c We know they are wrong, but we don’t always know how to prove that. Teach us to show love to the world in such a way that even the hateful heart will break, and love will pour forth.

God, there are people who believe the commandment to not murder doesn’t apply to them. There are people who intentionally lie to others, and coerce them into violence.  Silence them. Silence all who would speak falsehood. Teach us what is real. Teach us that your strength is real. Teach us to be strong. Put love in our hearts, and teach us that your people can be bold in love, not killing.

God, help us to name what we see, name how we feel when we see it, and act on those things that hurt us in ways that heal us. Change our pain into calm and kindness. remind us of our neighbors and the community we share.

As if that weren’t enough, dear God, there are those who would destroy our earth, either from inside with fracking, or from outside with ozone, or simply as a way to destroy others’ culture. In grasping for that last dollar they don’t yet have, they commit idolatry, seeking things that aren’t alive as though that will make a difference to them. We know that it won’t because you have taught us that. Help us get to them before they get to killing the planet.

I wouldn’t ask if I had perspective, but I don’t. It is all too much right now. There are too many crazy things and too many crazy people to choose from. I don’t even know where to start cleaning up these messes, and healing these wounds. Grant us wisdom, grant us courage, for the facing of this hour. Be a bulwark, never failing. Teach us and the enemies of your truth that You, alone, are Supreme. Help us make sure that love wins, and peace wins, and Truth wins. Teach us that we don’t have to be insane, and that “only kindness matters in the end”. Teach us to expect kindness, demand life, and react well to hope. Teach us to mirror you..



and help me to resist with peace,




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