Honestly, People, It’s All The Same Thing…

I’m reading the Huffington Post and an article says, it wasn’t all about white people.Black and Brown people got hurt, too”. No Duh. For some of us White people, it’s because (and I can’t emphasize that enough, because) Black, Brown, Yellow, Red, Gay, Bi-, poor, middle class, non-Christian fundsamentalists, and female eople got hurt in this election that we are so hurt. 

I seem to watch a lot of shows about spies, and in those shows, they always point out that the way to torture the good spy is not to torture them, but to torture the ones they love or care for. People who choose their lives understand what’s at stake. The power of choice is incredible. It is in watching the pain of those we have let down, those who have fewer choices about confronting evil, that we grieve. 

Regardless of the people you see on TV with hate in their hearts- and yes, believe me, we see them. How could we not? – there are people all around you that want you to have full lives. Some of them are white, some of them are male, some of them are even heterosexual. 

We understand that what makes America great is all of us. We grieve the American dream, because what is “freedom” if everybody can’t have it? What good is religious liberty  — one of the things we were founded on — if everyone can’t enjoy it? How can we say “equal justice under the law” if there is none? The American dream — a lie for as long as I can remember, but a heck of a dream — is that if you work hard enough, you can get ahead. As long as it’s only a dream, we grieve, if we care about American ideals at all. I gotta tell you, I’ve been sad for a damn long time, not because I’m better than anyone else, but because I know you’re no worse than I am and you shouldn’t be punished for it! 

That “dream deferred, like a raisin in the sun”? We know about it. We just can’t believe anybody else wants to take it away from you!  They kill the very American dream they want to claim!  

 But here’s the deal: if you don’t understand , and damn soon, that it’s not   Women’s rights against Gay rights or Black rights against Red rights or my rights against your rights or nature’s rights against human rights, that make America great, “you” are no better than “they” are, and we’re all going to die. 

The heterosexual man whose wife or sister or daughter is “grabbed by the … ” by someone has to live in the same society as them. A gay man is just as likely to have sisters or daughters or female friends. A Black man –gay or straight — is likely to have women in their life that they care about, just as an Asian one, or a Hispanic one. Women, regardless, of their color, class, or orientation who care at all for others are in pain when people they care about starve, or freeze, or go off to war. Dead gay people used to work in the same places we worked when they were alive. If we knew them at all, part of us died when they did. It’s all the same stuff! 

“We” win when “you” win! Let us be a part of your healing so that we can heal too — all of us. It is a lie that we don’t care,  but it becomes true if you won’t let us. 

One last thing, though: our coal-mining brothers and sisters or whoever voted for Trump? Those people are part of the American dream, too. We have to bring them along, too. What good is freedom or love or peace, if everyone can’t enjoy them? No, I don’t understand them, either. But I only know one way to find out — listen to them. Maybe that’s my job for now, but when they understand, you’ve got to let them in.

Resisting oppression with Peace,

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