Enough Un-reality. Donald Trump IS the Country’s Next President

If there is one thing I’ve learned from current president, Barack Obama’s time in office, it is that much of America lives in a reality they construct. It’s just not actual reality. When Obama became President, people on the Right said, “Not my president”.  I wanted to say then, “Get over yourselves. He won the election, and he won it handily. He is our President.”. Now, the shoe is on the other foot. Many of those against Trump are saying, “Not my president”.  To them, I say “Get over yourselves. He won the election. He, come January whatever, will be our President.” They persisted, and had 8 years of insane temper tantrums.

Let’s be clear here. I don’t like the man. I don’t like his policies. I don’t like a thing about him, but somebody voted for him, and those people — as much as I disagree with them, as much as I am confused about them, as much I think they’re damaging the country — their vote counts. They are citizens (as are we). They won the election. I don’t want to hear about the electoral college. I don’t want to hear what should have happened. I don’t want to hear that the Russians influenced the election. I think Comey was a pawn for somebody, and I’d fire him, but none of that matters.  Unless I hear otherwise, this is a legitimate election. People voted, under the rules we have, and he won. If Hillary had won, we’d be saying the same thing. The rules are the rules are the rules. I’m sorry that it’s that way, but it is.

That said, I remember Nixon. The President cannot do illegal things. If he does, we — following those same rules — will impeach him. If I don’t like what he says, I will protest. If he betrays our country’s people, I will protest. I will not shut up. I will not put up. I will not go quietly, and I will not let anyone else go quietly.

As amazing as it seems, the President is not America. We are. The President represents our national will. I want to know why this is our national will. I want to know why people hated Hillary so much (and no, I don’t want to hear about Benghazi, or the emails). I want to know what anyone could do to deserve that much grief. I want to know what’s wrong with us that we fear more than we love. Then I want us to love more than we fear.

If we love more than we fear, if we care for each other rather than hate people we don’t know, we are going about this all wrong. I want us to move away from Donald Trump and Mike Pence. I would settle for them leaving the White House and not coming back, but in the end, moving them won’t do much good. They are not America. We are. Donald Trump is only part of a democracy. His people may “serve at the pleasure of the President”, but he serves at the pleasure of the democracy. Democracy is bigger than Donald Trump.

The weird part about running as “anti-establishment” is that when you win, you are the establishment. He wanted the job, let’s give it to him. Let’s give him everything that goes with it, as well. Let’s give him our needs. Let’s give him our wants. Let’s make him work for us — all of us. If the job is too big for him, make him leave.

And let’s fight for voter rights, so that no one — not a single one of us capable of making decisions — isn’t allowed. 80 year old grandmothers and 21 year old kids, of every color and creed, and everyone in between. I don’t want my President to be a hater — and I won’t let him be, as much as I can.  More than that, though, I don’t want us to hate each other. If we continue to do that, we’ll keep electing  hateful leaders, and I’m done with that.

If we want the rules to apply to him, they have to apply to us. I’m willing to accept the election, because it is reality.  If you can’t follow the rules, you cheat, and you never know where you stand. But that means Trump must do the same. He wants the job of governing all of us, well, let’s see him govern in reality.  I want to see him swear to “uphold the Constitution of the United States, and defend it from enemies, both foreign and domestic”. More than that, I want him to see him try to do that. As Mr. Khan said, I want him to read the Constitution first. It’s as real as he is. Welcome to America.





8 thoughts on “Enough Un-reality. Donald Trump IS the Country’s Next President

  1. I like this blog. There is only one thing I really disagree with…. I wish you wouldn’t call him a hater until you have set down and had a real conversation with him…. step away from the things said in the election…that the press h highlighted….. give him a chance to help…… I lived for 8 years disagreeing wholeheartedly with the way Obama treated his country….but I can honestly say I don’t hate him…..because I don’t know him personally. I will leave the judgement to God…..

    • Marilyn:

      I’m so glad you’re here. You, and people like you, are the mystery to be figured out. I don’t understand how you can’t think of Trump as a hater, and you can’t believe I do. The things he said he would do, and the reasons he said he would do them — build a wall because Mexicans are rapists, question Megan Kelly’s authority because she’s bleeding, require Muslims to register because they are Muslims — these things ARE hateful. I feel right to call him a hater, and yet something prevents you from seeing it. You must be in LOTS of pain to think that he is the least painful of the two choices.

      I look forward to understanding why or how this happened and how we can fix it.



  2. You know I’m not a republican, and I didn’t vote for him. I also didn’t vote for Hillary. So as someone who is fairly “neutral”, here’s my take on the questions you raise:

    1) There were more than two choices.
    2) I don’t like him either. I think he is bullheaded, close minded, and egocentric. I fear how leaders of other countries (including nuclear-equipped countries) will react.
    3) As much as Hillary represented the establishment, the vibe I get is that people didn’t vote her against her for that. Remember “it’s the economy stupid”? The economy is a disaster, and a time bomb waiting to explode. I know you choose to outright disregard that issue, but a lot of people don’t. And when the economy blows up, then you’ll have a LOT bigger problem of poverty to deal with – I promise.
    4) Frankly, I’m surprised he was elected. The vibe I got from Republicans was that they would have liked a different candidate. He won the primary, but remember that only a minority of Republicans actually voted for him – the vast majority of Republicans voted for others in the primary. So I expected a lot of Republicans to stay home or vote for third-party candidates.
    5) I am appalled at the complete misrepresentation of his statements and views. Liberals have taken things he has said and extrapolated them WAY beyond what he actually said, to the point where people I know have told me they are literally terrified for their own existence. He’s said some awful things, but nowhere near as awful as the ideas inside their minds.
    6) I hope the entire country is going to watch every move with a microscope, and impeach him as soon as he goes off course. Mr. Trump is so bullheaded and self-righteous that I think he will start acting “out of bounds” within less than a year of the start of his presidency. And if he does, I hope he is impeached.
    7) Out of everyone I know who voted for Trump, I would only consider one of them to be racist. The other several hundred voted for him are not racists, not haters, etc. It was by and large economical concerns. But there are also concerns about other issues (such as illegal immigration) which were discussed FOR OTHER REASONS BESIDES RACISM but democrats keep “labeling” these discussions as racist and close their mind to any other type of discussion. I wish they would listen. The whole idea of the first amendment is the exchange of ideas, and that doesn’t work when people put their fingers in their ears and yell “racist racist racist”. This seems to be very opposite of the values which liberals tout.
    8) I don’t like him either. If I was going to invite people over to a dinner party, I would rather invite Mr. Obama than Mr. Trump – despite the ways that Mr. Obama made a mess of things.
    9) Mr. Obama failed to deliver on many of his promises, and I think some people voted against Hillary for that. For example to expand the nuclear power in this country (I know you are personally opposed to that but it was one of his promises), to work with both sides of the aisle and to be open-minded (he never even gave that a shot), he promised to eliminate the deficit, and so on. There was not one single issues that people would discuss in Mr. Obama’s broken promises, but I heard about a lot of different ones – and Hillary inherited some of this.
    10) Don’t forget that HIllary lost a lot of votes because of how the DNC acted toward Sanders. To be fair it was a complete misrepresentation of Mr. Sanders to run as a democrat in the first place – if he were honest he would’ve run as a socialist, and as a candidate in the socialist party- but nevertheless a lot of democrats refused to vote for Hillary on those grounds. If Bernie had been honest and run as a socialist instead of a democrat, it would have been a different election.
    11) Third parties were INTENTIONALLY EXCLUDED from the debates, which is a complete farce. The democrats and Republicans were essentially given taxpayer supported platforms to discuss their ideas and everyone else was excluded. And unfortunately for Democrats, if Libertarians had been included in the debates and their ideas to be discussed (as allowed by the first amendment but prohibited by the current duopoly), a lot more republicans would have been swayed to vote Libertarian (and Hillary might be in office today).
    12) His job is not to satisfy “our wants”. It is to do his job. He is not there as our slave or servant – he is there to oversee the operation of government/congress. And it is not their job either to “satisfy our wants”, it’s to do what is right in order to govern the country.
    14) I agree with you about the hate. It is negative and unproductive and will tear this country apart. We need to have compassion for each other and listen – something that neither major party seems to want to do.


    • Bob:

      What a great response! It gives me hope, because it reminds me that people CAN think deeply. Further, it reminds me how complex people are. That, in itself is a blessing.

      I agree with a lot you said — excluding third parties has got to stop; people can’t put their fingers in their ears and not listen. It discourages dialogue and we do that a lot; Hillary had a lot of problems, and the economy is important, and that a bunch of people when fixing the economy.

      Where I disagree with you: I think Obama was a GREAT president. Putting aside that he’s Black for a moment, he was intelligent, graceful, dignified, unsullied by scandal, way more graceful in defeat than he needed to be, saved the economy from the utter devastation that Bush left him, saved the auto industry, fixed the insurance industry’s stupid-er ideas and let people get health care that otherwise wouldn’t, began reforming prisons (which will save a lot of money, btw,) said gay folks were ok, the list goes on. I can’t imagine someone I am more proud to call President in my lifetime. I don’t agree with everything he did, but I didn’t expect anyone to do that.

      When you put IN that he was Black, he was historic on his first day in office. Yes, America gave him a chance for two years, but at least half of that was planning an attack. The last 6 years of his Presidency have been a living hell publicly and the Republican Congress has been obstructive in ways that I never imagined was possible. Supreme Court judges not even given a hearing? Really? He has had to deal with insanity — prove he was born here? Really? .
      And just to be petty, his PBS specials and Lincoln Center honorees were incredible because he honored great musicians from R & B that would never gotten to be considered. I’d tell him to cut down on the biting wit, but he had to defend himself against absolute insanity, and he was funny doing it.

      Got to go, but thanks for the thoughts.

      Resisting Trump with peace,


      • Here’s why I disagree about.

        If he were truly intelligent, he wouldn’t have caused the national debt to skyrocket like it did. A lot of things happened to make the economy “look” good, but when you dig in the economy is actually a disaster and getting worse.

        Bush did virtually nothing that affected the economy. What he SHOULD have done is cleaned the messes that Bill Clinton left behind.

        In the same way, Obama is leaving a huge mess for Trump. And how do you solve a national debt of $20 trillion with an ongoing deficit?
        1) Decrease Spending
        1a) Pay less for existing expenses (i.e. decease welfare)
        1b) Pay fewer expenses (i.e. eliminate welfare, the NEA, etc.)
        2) Increase revenue
        2a) Increase tax rates (do this only if you want to seal the coffin of the American economy)
        2b) Increase the base of income (i.e. more taxpayers)
        3) Increase the money supply and pay the debt directly (The inflation this would cause would be mind-boggling)

        So pick any/all of those options (except possibly for a combination of 1b and 2b (i.e. fewer “takers” and more “contributors”)). Then when things go awry, which they will with any of those options, go ahead and blame the “Trump” economy.

        This country is headed for a disaster, and it will be on our children to pay for this generation’s MASSIVE overspending. I feel sorry for our kids, and I wish I could agree that Obama was “intelligent”.

        Why did Clinton have a budget surplus? Because he inherited an economy from Bush 41 that was primed for it. Why didn’t the economy collapse under Obama? Because the government borrowed SO much money.

        So it is a very naive statement to say that he inherited a bad economy from Bush. In general it takes 5-10 years for changes to filter through the economy, and the current administration has done several things to harm the economy.

        I am still astounded by your words that you do not want/need to understand economics. That just screams “I have a closed mind”. And Mr. Obama has essentially done the same thing – in my opinion he has chosen to pander to voters (“I’ll give you more money from the government”) than to do the right thing and fix the economy. So – whether Mr. Obama is ignorant about economics, or he is aware and decided to intentionally harm the economy to pander to voters, I staunchly disagree with your assessment of intelligent. And someone who causes such harm is, in my opinion, the opposite of “great”.

        Great speaker, well mannered, nice guy, musical appearances, etc. – I’ll agree with you on those. And I’m glad about the progress that this country has made in some areas for sure.

        If Obama could have accomplished so many things WITHOUT CAUSING HARM TO THE ECONOMY then I’d be with you. But borrowing more and more money are just adding a wall of impending inflation that will cause a LOT of problems.

        I’m not saying Mr. Obama is an idiot, but I will say that any idiot can borrow money and say “look how much money I have and how great things are today” without worrying about what will happen when it’s time to repay that money.

        And for what it’s worth, Trump as a businessman may have a great understanding of microeconomics. However I’ve heard nothing (granted I don’t pay attention to the lunatic so I might have missed it) that indicates a great understanding of macroeconomics / how to fix the economy. I’ve heard him say a few things that are “on the right track” but somewhat misguided and potentially very dangerous if done incorrectly (especially with regards to foreign trade).

        With regards to the Republicans and their obstructiveness, I agree. Obama ran promising that he would “cross the aisle” and I consider this a naive thing to promise, however I also consider the Republicans to have been acting like immature children with their obstructiveness. A dialogue is the way to get through these things, and neither side (as far as I can tell) did anything but take an uncompromising stance then call the other side names when they wouldn’t “bow down”. Both sides of the aisle are guilty on that. [insert rant about a third party here]

  3. Bob: again, wow. While I don’t know enough about economics, I do know about math and moral priorities.

    Re: 1a and 1b etc… I’m not against decreasing spending, but why is it always welfare that needs to be cut? Why not bombs and military stuff?

    I don’t think we should raise tax rates on people who can’t afford that. I DO think we should raise tax rates on people who CAN afford it. For 40 years now, we have been trying to get blood from a stone (money from people that don’t have it) without asking who DOES have it. That seems dumb to me. I’m also not in the least surprised that people who are making decisions about the tax rate are saying, “Hey, look over there! Take the money from them!”

    I’ve recently heard about how Exxon has an economy as big as South Africa, that it has it’s own intelligence agency, and that it doesn’t feel the need to care about any one country because of it. I think that should be illegal. I also think that it’s not a very American way of doing things, because we stand for fairness and equality or are supposed to. So, if I’ve got a big corporation with more money than the average American and less commitment to this country than you average American, I don’t see a problem with correcting BOTH of those things.

    Re: the president’s role in the economy — if that’s true then NO president should ever get any credit for the economic things they’ve done during the run-up to an election –except FDR who was there long enough to meet those qualifications. FDR was, as you know, a democrat. Yes, he had the war to grow the economy, but he was making things better for your average American long before the war. Obama’s policies were far more like FDRs that either of the Bushes or Reagan, so the only data we have goes my way, as I see it. (So there!).

    Bottom line, though, is that I don’t think the economy or any THING is more important than people. That said, I like math and living in reality, so we need to make decisions that fit within our budget if we can.

    Have a great Christmas if I don’t see you before then!

    Resisting with peace,


    • John-

      1) Please don’t claim to come from a moral perspective, and then proceed to try to justify stealing other people’s money for your own “good ideas”. That doesn’t work.

      2) Yes, I would love to stop spending on bombs. I can justify a small amount in the name of self-defense, but that would only be a mere drop in the current ocean of military spending. But to answer your question about welfare, it’s quite simple: This country needs more contributors and less “takers”.

      Do you know the top three expenditures in the federal budget? Answer (in random order): The military, social programs, and interest on the national debt.

      If you have ever looked up the word “economics”, it is defined as “the allocation of scarce resources”. It really has nothing to do with money. Resources like people, food, labor, commodities, shelter, etc., are what it is about. Money represents the flow of certain resources, but for just about all other purposes can be ignored.

      Having said that, you have to consider that when someone is a “taker”, it’s not just of money – it’s the housing, food, electricity, that other people WORK to create. When someone is a “taker”, it is essentially the government FORCING people to perform labor for those who “cannot” work. That’s SLAVERY. Again, not very “moral”. That’s right, a portion of my LABOR is done for people who “cannot” work, against my will. And the more of my labor is forcibly taken, the more of my time is “slavery” (and, by the way, the less I’m inclined to even bother working).

      In my personal life, I know 4 people, who are dependent on government income/subsidy, well enough to make a judgment that they COULD be working and contributing. And by this I mean they all have held jobs in the past, but have found various ways to work themselves onto “the dole”. That’s why I put “cannot” in quotation marks above – because they actually can work.

      WIthout blathering on, the point is this- when you have a portion of society who chooses not to contribute – but rather FORCE other people to perform labor on their behalf- you’ve got a screwed up system. And although I’ve heard several honest democrats confess the same failure in the welfare system, I’ve never heard a single democrat talk about getting rid of the system OR EVEN TRYING TO GET THE “UNDESERVING” PEOPLE OUT OF THE SYSTEM.

      To bring this back to the current discussion, this is relevant because this country has too many expenses and not enough income. BUT, (read 1b and 2b above) if everyone who was able (such as the 100% of people I know “on the dole”), they would be paying in and not taking out. and this country would be in a MUCH better position to support itself.

      THAT is why I, and so many others, talk about welfare. Because this country simply cannot afford it, and we NEED the contributions of these people. There’s your math – fewer takers and more contributors means smaller deficit & less debt.

      You will then ask: “But some people simply can not provide for themselves, what about them?” Great question that I’ve answered before, but will be happy to do so again: Families can take care of their family members, to the extent possible. Charities, churches, and neighbors can help each other take care of those who still need help. And all of these (families, charities, churches, and neighbors) will have more financial means to provide this help, IF YOU WOULD STOP TAXING THE CRAP OUT OF THEM. And, there is also the possibility that insurance policies can be offered & purchased to provide for future needs. Those safety nets DO exist already, and could be strengthened so much more.

      So, to solve this problem, 1) Yes, let’s spend a LOT less on the military. 2) Interest on the national debt is COMPLETELY ABSURD and a total waste of money in all respects. 3) The government cannot afford the social programs, so get rid of them. Or at least be honest that they are a failure and figure out a way to create a safety net for ONLY THOSE WHO NEED IT. That math will work.

      Here is a more advanced concept that is not as obvious: At the same time, by having more people contribute instead of take, and by improving the economy, the economy overall will have a lot more resources it can share with people who are actually in need. On the present (unsustainable) course, we are ALL headed toward poverty once we get smashed over the head with inflation. That day is MUCH closer than it was 8 years ago.

      3) What does a President do for the economy? Actually, not so much. Bush did just about zero (good or bad). Clinton, did a few things – a decision about who to appoint as treasury secretary, a modification to the welfare laws (in a good way, for what it’s worth), etc. The economy went HUGE under Clinton because the congress reduced capital gains tax – and if you understand economics then you realize that this tax cut benefited a LOT more people than those who had capital gains! Clinton also benefited from a HUGE gain in personal productivity due to the mass-popularization of computers, which enabled a LOT more productivity than before (and at the end of the day, production is what benefits the economy). Mr Obama personally oversaw (encouraged Congress to write and pass “Obamacare”) the implementation of a HUGE spending program, and did not impose a balanced budget on congress (which would have been a promise that I would have LOVED for him to keep because it is CRUCIAL). So in a nutshell, the President generally does very little directly to an economy compared to Congress- but does still set the tone for how Congress will act (i.e. veto power over a budget, etc.).

      4) Exxon: Let’s talk about that in person. I don’t know what you’ve heard, but it sounds like a great discussion topic.

      5) FDR: Again, let’s talk – Democrats of today are not the same as Democrats of yesteryear. Same with Republicans (and I’m also VERY happy to trash Republicans for a while too, if you’d like).

      6) The bottom line is this: If you care about people, then you want a great economy. You can’t divest those. If the economy is a disaster, the people living in that economy will also be a disaster.

      7) Please come visit soon. I have tried very carefully, as I always try to, to address your points and comments (sometimes quite harshly I admit) – but I hope that you never ever ever take anything I say as a personal attack!!!! You are a life-long friend, and care about people with all of your heart, as do I- but remember that the whole idea of the first amendment is that we can all benefit by being exposed to ideas that we might not otherwise be exposed to. (Don Miguel Ruiz – never take anything personally) (well you can take this personally – I love and admire you). When you visit, dinner and drinks are on me. You cover the gasoline, I got the rest.

      Can you come visit next week? We need to get those tires straightened out soon!


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