If you don’t vote, you don’t love your country or yourself

This year’s election has, by all accounts, been stressful. We’re exhausted and we should be. It’s been a lot of emotional work for the people of this country over the election cycle : hating and fighting hate, fearing and fighting fear, xenophobia and trying to remain open to others, feeling cheated and asking for fairness, seeing how bad America can be towards its citizens and trying to fix things or just getting up in the morning. lt all got to be too much.

Today, our long national nightmare is over, or has just begun. In either case, because we are a democracy, we get to choose.That is what makes America great. And today, we get to make other countries jealous, shake the foundations of oppression and threaten dictators all in one fast swoop.

I don’t often write Public Service Announcements (PSAs) but today is different.  Show off America. Show off your freedom! Show off the ability to decide your country’s future! Be proud of what’s left of democracy! Vote

If you’re not into ideals, then at least protect yourself. If you are Black, Latino, Asian, Muslim, Jewish, handicapped, a woman, or a straight White man who cares about any of those other people, save yourself from all of the hatred , bitterness and death that a Trump presidency promises. Love yourself enough to vote. Let your self-preservation instincts do their job. Vote! Be your own Special Interest. Vote. 

Remember: This special offer ends today! Be somebody important! Don’t let the death eaters win! How many ways can I say it? VOTE!




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