This Stinks To High Heaven

I have never understood James Comey. Generally, after you have completed a project, you release the results in the form of a report and you summarize your report and stand by it. That why you do the report. Beside that, you don’t have to do a press conference. The work speaks for itself.

Ok, if we’re talking about emails that a presidential candidate has as part of a scandal, and you’re putting out your report, there are going to be questions. Answer them, and point out where in your report you have answered the question. That’s how it normally goes. At the end of the first round of the Hillary vs. Republicans steel cage match, FBI director Comey put out a report, and then refuted it. Here’s the conclusion he says: “we’re not bring charges, because nobody thinks there’s enough there to convict”. Ok. That should be the end of the story. He has done his due diligence and even though there are some grey areas in the law, and some hinky acts, there’s nothing to see here folks. That’s his report. 

At that point, he then goes on to castigate Clinton for being sloppy with her emails, and says, “everybody knows this stuff”. Ok. If everybody knows this stuff, there must be a policy she’s broken, right? Does the report say that? I don’t know, because nobody cares. In most of our minds, immoral is illegal. What the report said, and what Comey said about the situation seemed to be mutually exclusive. 

Now, there’s possibly some information on somebody else’s computer, that they don’t have a warrant for yet and have never actually seen. But we know there’s 10,000 of them. Huh? We haven’t seen them, but we know how many there are? 

And the timing of this release? Comey felt compelled to inform Congress right now –a week before the election — because why… He just found them? Ok, that might make some sense. Political expediency be damned, get them out there! Today, watching CBS This Morning, they say that the rank and file FBI people knew about the information in early October, but just told Comey now. 

Clearly, this investigation is not over. Given the rules of evidence displayed by Comey and/or the FBI in this instance, I could say that untranslatable hyroglyphics have been found in the Great Pyramid of Giza which indicate that Hillary Clinton was complicit in the death of Pharoah in 1800 BC, if only we could prove that the pictures are of a computer screen and Hillary. Archaeologists have known about these pictures for centuries , but they are just coming to light now. Donald Trump says that they are further proof of Hillary’s “bad experience” and we can now see how long it’s been going on. Director Comey believes that  “they could be relevant” and, if so, it could be a bombshell announcement. 

Election next week? He hasn’t been reading the paper, so Comey didn’t notice. What will the next revelation about these ancient pictures reveal? “We won’t know until we can read them”, Comey said.


3 thoughts on “This Stinks To High Heaven

  1. Bob: I’m sure it’s like that, but since there hasn’t been a trial, I’m sure that the legal version of that answer would be “no, it’s not double jeopardy”. In this case, it’s something like “say what you mean and mean what you say”. I’m fine with director Comey saying, “this is what we found” and “this is what we’re going to do about it”. Comey says, *after* “this is what we’re going to do”… “but we found this”. It’s double speak.

    There’s a reason people don’t go public with investigations until they’re completed. It’s the same reason you don’t say about a person you’ve dated once, “you should call them ‘mommy’ or ‘daddy’. It pulls the rug from under people, and messes with their sense of reality.

    While I’m not a Trump supporter and don’t want my candidate to deal with this before the election, I was a Bernie supporter and want the facts so I can make up my mind. An election — any election, but especially this one — is important and I want to make a good choice based in actual facts. I want the truth to come out and the chips to fall where they may. Making a decision and knowing that there *might* be some reason it’s a bad choice because an authority said so, leaves me hanging. I don’t think that’s fair.

    • At first, this felt like double jeopardy to me. Legally it doesn’t qualify since there wasn’t a trial, but it sure feels like double-jeopardy.

      I doubt that Mr. Comey did the full investigation himself, and probably didn’t even write the report himself. But since his name is on it, he is “certifying” the contents. For him to “re-open” the investigation seems to show that:
      1) The previous investigation was not done completely
      2) He regrets certifying the report
      3) He is not willing to stand by the previous investigation, and therefore had no business certifying it previously.

      Frankly, I’ve lost the expectation that our politicians will be angels. And if there was wrongdoing, I would still consider voting for a candidate if I think s/he will take the country in the direction I want. But like you – at least give me the facts.

      In private business, the Sarbanes-Oxley act dictates that CEO’s / CFO’s must sign and certify financial statements, and face potential prison time if they aren’t accurate. Although this isn’t quite the same thing, it sure seems like Mr. Comey should be on the hook somehow.

  2. Bob: thanks for the new info re: businesses. I totally agree. Nobody’s perfect, but truth is truth. It’s nice to know what is. It’s also nice to believe that it’s true in business as well.

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