A Friend of My Sister’s Is A Friend Of Mine: Jeremy Lovelady

According to Facebook, Jeremy Lovelady is 111 years old today. If you’ve seen him play guitar in Beebs and Her Moneymakers, my sister’s band, you know nothing could be further from the truth. However, if wisdom were age, you might be close, according to people who know him.
He, according to my sister , is an engineer or something and is fascinated by things like physics and philosophy and knows all kinds of things. 

I know he’s smart enough to follow my blogs. 

Regardless of his wisdom to follow my ideas when I visit my sister, Lovelady is always with us, whether he’s actually there or not. Beebs, a kind and good-hearted soul, is at the phase of life where she’s trying to figure out what it all means, and what her place is in the universe. Her friend Lovelady and she talk about all that the meaning of the universe in conversation like good friends do. When I see her, she relays the information– her new best guess on how the world works, often based on things she’s learned from him, with her own slant, of course. 

That’s what friends do for each other. They talk, they listen, they laugh, and they push us to be our best selves while bringing it out in us at the same time. Jeremy Lovelady has done that for Beebs, for a long time now, I think. And in a world that loves drama, there’s no drama here. He’s married , I think, and she’s got a man already — see, it is possible! 

A few years ago, Lovelady and the band stayed overnight at our house and he was as kind and decent as a modern man can be. Music is in his bones all right — he talked it into the night with my kids, wife, and I. To hear him with the opening to Mrs. Captain Kangaroo– one of their songs — is to bring back Jimi Hendrix. Tough, scorching, soulful and musical all at once? Darn right! 

Yes, my sister is a great artist on her own, and the Money Makers kick butt, but the great thing about working with someone else is that something magic can happen — something bigger than both of you. I’m sure it’s happened with the other people my sister has played with, but somehow these two have kept pace with each other. Soul — the kind of music they most play — requires a tight band. Rock of this caliber requires soul in you. 

To be all this– musician, superhero, and engineer — he and the band should part of Buckaroo Banzai comics!

Happy birthday, dude! Keep on rockin! 



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