Arrest Her or Let Her Go

I just read another piece on the Huffington Post that talked about Hillary’s emails. It says, “most emails won’t be released until after the election”. Really? Why not? It can’t be because they don’t want to play politics with them. That’s already being done. So, instead, the plan is to have an uninformed electorate? 

Then we complain that we have an uninformed electorate. As Alfred (Michael Caine) says, “Maybe we should stop trying to outsmart the truth and let it have it’s day”. Seriously, we can’t be left wondering what’s in them. For those of us old enough to remember, Watergate was already a scandal when Nixon won by a landslide. Then we had to force him to resign by new reports daily of just how far corruption went. 

I suspect, by the way, that there’s not a lot there, but that’s not the point. Let us decide. Give us the info before the election. 

Ok, it may be too late for that if we don’t want Trump elected, but I blame the DNC and Hillary herself here. If they hadn’t decided that Hillary was going to be the candidate in advance, we could be voting for Bernie here. If I was Hillary, I would have ended this a long time ago by putting my arms out and saying, “Either arrest me or shut up”, and let the chips fall where they may. 

But that point still stands. Either she broke the law, in which case, arrest her — or she didn’t, in which case, leave her alone. Hillary either should or already has faced the music. One of those is true after all these years of scandal. This is why the police don’t comment in an ongoing investigation. Shouldn’t Congress be held to the same standard? Shouldn’t the FBI? Why is her case being processed any differently? 

So, here’s the thing: if the system can’t decide, the people the system is supposed to represent should. Asking us to make a choice without letting us have the information and deciding for ourselves is a horrible way to run a Democracy. Chinese water torture with information is not a way to run a government either, by the way. I’d prefer the government do its job, and stop wasting the nation’s time. But if it won’t, then let us, as voters, decide how bad it is or isn’t. 

As my Vermont friends say, “It’s time to fish or cut bait”.

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