We Have Choices

I was just reading a poll about whether people in this election cycle think that things have gotten better or worse “for people like me”.  Millennials and people likely to vote for Trump think — by a HUGE margin — that the world is getting worse. Not that the Clinton voter is much better or that the overall population is happier with the way things are going. They’re not.

People are divorced from their own sense of power, overwhelmed by the world, and feel like life happens to them, not because of them.  You know what? I’m sick of it. I recently served a church where a decision had been made that a person didn’t like. They said, “The church sometimes does things…”. I reminded her that she is the church. If she doesn’t like something the powerful do, she should become powerful and do it differently or at least say something to the church/Powers That Be.   So it is with Democracy, and life.

This is America. WE are the government. WE vote. WE decide how to live our lives. Citizens United be damned! We still have the ability to choose — and the ability to put up a fuss if we don’t like the choices leaders make for us. No matter how rigged the system is — and it is, or ( I believe, anyway) Bernie would be leading Trump right now — we can, and we should, scare The Powers That Be if we’re not happy with the job they do. Since this Congress has done nothing and we hired them to do something, I think they’ve done a lousy job. Those who tried to do something which was good for people or who tried to reach across political lines should be kept and those who prevented them from doing something should be fired.

The Beatles once said, “If you want money for people with minds that hate/all I can tell you is brother, you have to wait”. I don’t care, Right or Left. If you really think that someone is hateful, don’t vote for them. If your elected official has made your life worse or promises to do so, don’t vote for them, vote against them. And if that doesn’t work, run for office yourself next time — seriously — and be in charge, instead of letting others be in charge of you. We have a system that could work if the right people were in charge. We are those people.

No more saying “the system’s broke, and I’m anti-system”, then do nothing to change the system. If nothing changes, nothing changes. Instead, try saying, “the system’s broke, and I’m anti- the system we have now, so I’ll try to do something positive, something helpful, something good and/or I’ll change the system until it does work”.

You want to take back our country? Take it back from crooked politicians, not each other.

You want respect from others? Respect others.

Don’t want an abortion? Don’t have one. Don’t take someone else’s right to, though.

Don’t want your right to have a gun taken from you? Care about the people who are having their right to LIFE taken from them — and by that, I mean people who are already here, not potentially here.

Don’t like people losing their jobs? Don’t fire them. Don’t let somebody else fire them.

Don’t like people who “refuse” to work? Give them a job and pay them.

Don’t like those with nothing to eat or money for food? Give them food or buy them a meal.

Don’t like Muslims? Try being a Christian — or a person who practices their own faith.

If you want American business to thrive, start an American business.

Don’t like the way men run things? Be a woman and run things.

Don’t like being a victim? Demand your rights, and give others theirs as well.

I get that sometimes we have to choose between the lesser of two evils. But let us expect the greater good, then settle if we must. Voting for the worse of the options presented “because it’s going to happen anyway” is only self-defeating.

Joining the known-to-be-evil, in any aspect of life, is capitulating to evil. Don’t do that.

I’m not saying the world is great right now, but if we want it to be — and we actually are the greatest country in the world, let’s start acting like great people — not better-than-others, just great all by ourselves.

We make choices every day. Not making a choice is a choice (Yes, Rush fans, it’s true!). Let us make choices that make us feel proud of ourselves every single day. Take the power from those who don’t use it well. Be a leader in your own life.

That’s all the rant I have for now….












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