Good News and Bad News About Gun Control…

  1. First the good news. Well there’s lots of action on the gun control front… Sort of. In the week after the nightclub tragedy in Orlando, Senator Chris Murphy from Connecticut organized a 15 hour discussion/filibuster to address the issue and have dialog with colleagues which yielded some information I has never heard before — most notably that 75% of people want “common sense” gun control. By that, I assume they mean civilians don’t need military weapons and terrorists shouldn’t be able to buy guns.  It was like a 15 hour infomercial about gun control, rather than a sound-bite about how our Muslim president wants to take ALL our guns, which had been the entirety of conversation before. As I understand it, then, gun control is possible without gun removal —  and most people want it. We might be able to make a case for American sanity again.
  2. Now the bad news. The Senate majority shot down (no pun intended, I think) 4 attempts to respond to the will of the people regarding gun control. Are they corrupt, stupid, bought, or arrogant? It doesn’t matter. They’re not doing it.
  3. More good news — or is it bad news? People are really sick of not being listened to and business-as-usual. In this election year, there will be a revolution. Will it be violent? Only if people can get guns.




6 thoughts on “Good News and Bad News About Gun Control…

  1. If you could completely ban all assault weapons and get all of the background checks implemented that your heart desires, what percentage of the domestic terrorism problem do you think that would solve? 100%?

    • Bob: my HOPE would be 100%, but that’s impossible because people can be hateful. Mostly, though, people get ANGRY and do stupid things. With an assault rifle, “stupid” becomes permanent AND widespread. Trying to take into account human nature, rather than fight it, think a ban on assault weapons will save a lot of lives .



      • So you hope for 100%. That’s nice, obviously I do too.

        But how much do you think it would actually solve?

  2. Here’s why I ask. Personally, I think that if all of the things you want are enacted, I believe that will solve 0% of domestic terrorism issues. If bad guys want to kill people, they will find a way- hand grenades, fertilizer, “dual-use” chemicals, biological agents, etc. I don’t think ANY bad guy will say “gee, no guns? well I guess I’ll have to cancel my plans to kill people and get a job in the banking industry”.

    I TOTALLY agree that there is no need to have semi-automatic weapons. I like pistols for self-defense, I like rifles for hunting game, etc. – but I don’t see any need for those ridiculous weapons.

    So the question is – what should we do about it? I only see the following options:
    1) Be fervent about our borders (even though liberals love to scream “racism” and “xenophobia”). This is about enforcing existing laws, and punishing those who violate them.
    2) INTELLIGENCE. Yes, this means having agents infiltrate suspiciously-natured organizations. (If agents want to infiltrate my church – I’d welcome them because they might be saved!). It means spying. It means a lot of things, but could happen in a way that a Libertarian wouldn’t object to. It means doing these things internationally, too.
    3) Stop being bullies in the world, and stop making people want to kill us. Although as Christians, there will always be a portion of another religion who wants to exterminate us even if we are complete pacifists. But we’ll take the big target off of our back, and put on a much smaller one if we stop being bullies.

    Do you disagree with my assessment that your proposals about gun laws would realistically solve 0% of the terrorism issue?

    • Bob: You’re right, it won’t solve the terror problem, but it will slow it down. Yes, they’ll get new weapons, but while they’re changing, we have a few more moments of peace, and fewer dead people. We have to be mindful of any changes, and stop the new weapons as well, until they just get sick of it.

      I’m not big on spying, and I don’t think the CIA’s particularly helpful in making the world safe, but I don’t know how to protect people before groups of terrorists go nuts, so then I fall back to #3. THAT, I think, is the cause of the issue — or the part of this that we are responsible for/can control. Generally, people don’t attack us (they didn’t for years) unless they have some reason. Yes, there are evil, crazy people out there, but there are far fewer out there without a reason to target us than you would imagine.

      But back to the gun issue: we have to do something about it. This would be a start.

      • I’m not sure what you mean by “a few more moments of peace”. The guns are already out there, and I’m quite sure that any laws passed will not make them disappear. They might rust out over the next 50 years or so, but that leaves plenty of time for them to get new weapons (or smuggle them in from other countries or ???).

        I’m not saying that I don’t support a change in gun laws, but I am saying that it will solve ZERO problems in the immediate (and medium-term) future.

        Regarding intelligence: I’ve heard from people “in the know” that your jaw would drop if we had any clue about how many completely devastating domestic attacks have been thwarted since 9-11, because of our intelligence gathering. Our intelligence in the middle eastern was disassembled in the mid 1990’s as a cost-cutting move, and see where that’s got us? It takes many decades to rebuild that, but it’s BY FAR the best way to prevent these awful attacks. Even though it gives me the heebie-jeebies to encourage spying, there is no doubt that it’s amazingly effective.

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