Trump Is His Own Special Interest

Years ago, there were commercials for a man who “liked the shavers so much, he bought the company” — Victor something, he may be the owner of the Patriots. In any case, the commercial was cute, if more than a bit ironic.

Donald Trump is now running around New Hampshire playing the “populist” with no hint of irony.  The logic goes, “I can’t be bought!, I already have the money I need, so I’m trustable, just like you”.  It  doesn’t seem to occur to him or his followers that while the first part of that sentence may be true, the second is not.

Trump is the guy that, last time around, tried to buy influence by giving his money (He has lots, as he’ll remind you) to various elected politicians (including Hillary Clinton, perhaps) . Like all good corporations of the past 20 years, he has decided to cut out the middleman (why waste money on anyone else?). Now he spends the same money on … him.

Donald Trump is not like you and me. He is not a populist. In fact, he is the opposite of a populist. Populists care for people in a down to earth way. They organize because they only get one vote, so they’re all in this together. Populists believe in working for a living.

Donald Trump is used to having as many votes as he can buy. Trump cares for no one but himself. Donald Trump takes jobs away from people  — now now including other elected officials — because he doesn’t like to share his money. He;d rather you share yours. Donald Trump doesn’t need backing by a “special interest group”. Donald is his own special interest group. His idea of “we’re all in this together” is this — he believes in your working for his living.

Just sayin’ ….







5 thoughts on “Trump Is His Own Special Interest

  1. Well you make Trump sound like one of those awful socialist. While I am by no means a trump supporter, I don’t think he is nearly as socialist as some others in this campaign who essentially want 100% of all money and power to go to/through the government despite the horrible consequences it would have for all Amreicans. I can’t believe Americans have forgotten history, and what an awful horrible thing socialism is. Looks like we might be condemned to repeat it.

    The thing that people find refreshing about Trump is brutal honesty. You know, with 100% certainty, who you are getting. Remember that “Bush Lied”? Remember that Obama promised lower taxes, and lower national debt (and several other things which he did complete )? Remember that Bush Senior promised “read my lips, no new taxes”? People, including me, are sick to death of lying from the two big parties- and at least with Trump you know, without a doubt, who you are getting. (But no, I don’t support him). But I can see why he has popularity from that perspective.

    Having said that, I think that many republicans and most independents (and all democrats) would not vote for Trump in November. So if you want a socialist in office, and I still have no idea why anyone would, then you should cross your fingers for Trump to be the Republican nominee!

    • Bob: Do you mean *national* socialist (aka Nazi)? That Trump is. Seriously. We don’t need a dictator. We need kindness and fairness and yes freedom. Trump is scary. Socialism is a concept.

    • Bob: good point. I meant, he’ll keep his money. Everyone else has to share theirs. I think that greed for power and resources (taking what’s not yours, not sharing) is the real issue of humanity . Dictators — whether in Russia, Germany, or anywhere else — under any system do that. They just make it look differently.

  2. Then I guess I don’t understand your point. Raising taxes (which is something you have seemed to endorse in the past) seems like forcing other people to “share” their money. So isn’t that something you advocate?

    That is theft in my book – taking money that I earn for your agenda…

    Again I’m not a Trump fan, and not endorsing him, but I suspect I’m not understanding what you are saying.

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