What’s With the “B” Word and the “C” word?

I’ll admit it. I don’t like Donald Trump. I just don’t.  I didn’t like Rush Limbaugh before him. They are the same guy, in different bodies, and in different clothes.  They are, simply put, bullies. I hate bullies because I hate what bullying does to others.

That said, I don’t like whiners either. I don’t like having to parse my words, worrying about the political context of some phrase that some group of people has decided is oppressive.  I don’t like politically correct people, because they’re too much work, for very little return. It’s probably White, Male privilege that allows me to take that tack, but there’s only so much time in a life, and I’m willing to work hard at life and relationships with people who want to have relationships.

Do either of these things make me a jerk? I suppose they could. I think they make me normal. Life includes pain. It does, but it shouldn’t have to. If I’m having trouble with someone, it should be about something, and about something real. And if I’m hurting someone, I should stop doing it. More often than not, I will.

With all of that said, there are things that not normal, not good, not healthy — things that are just plain stupid and never need to be said. Real men don’t say them, don’t try to prove their worth by them, just simply don’t go there. Lately, in the press, there have been a lot of men using “the B word” and “the C word” to refer to women. Megan Kelly is a case in point.

Limbaugh’s “femi-nazi” was bad enough, but Trump seems to want to go all the way in treating Kelly badly, making remarks that seemed to be about her having a period. Really? I’m sure in his delusional mind, he believes she’s “fulfilled as a woman” by having a child. I want to remind him that you can’t do one without the other. Menstruation means having the ability to have children. It goes with the territory. Deal with it.

So then, Trump sees that she won’t back down, and she’s actually going to do her job as a reporter. Now, suddenly she’s the problem and he won’t deal with her in the debates because — what? she might offend him?! — This is the pot calling the kettle black.

But wait, there’s more and here’s my point.  Trumps outbursts and willingness to say nearly anything and offend nearly everyone allows people that are his followers — like Limbaugh before him — to show that they’re “big and bad” too. They can use the B word for a woman and — if they’re in an “I don’t care” mood, just to prove their point, will throw in the “C” word for good measure.

Are you kidding me?! When a woman has something to say, or a life of her own, or a career, she’s suddenly a body part and that’s all? She becomes a female of another species? Really? And, suddenly, she’s changed professions as well? These are the things that people feel free to say to women and think that wins the argument. That is the stupidest idea on record! People who refuse to engage in a conversation don’t get to win an argument.

Anyone who can’t have a conversation with a woman isn’t fit to be in their species… or mine.  It doesn’t make them more manly. It makes them more ridiculous. It doesn’t make them better men, because it doesn’t make them better humans.

Women: this is true of men anywhere. No man should use these words. We know this.  Don’t settle for people who treat you as sub-human. As a heterosexual man, I have to say, I like women’s “lady parts” because I like women and those parts are part of who they are. We have a bitch at my house. She has four legs and tail and answers to “Lady”, but I don’t even call her that. “Dog” will do fine. The idea that my daughters or my wife have to be called a sexual professional because they decide to think for themselves — probably the last thing a sexual professional does! — is degrading as all hell.

It’s not that I’m perfect. I’m not. But on the Bell Curve of male humanity, I’m somewhere in the middle. These idiots are on the second or third standard deviation, or should  be. I have no respect for a man who loses all perspective when he gets challenged by a woman. I accept that life includes challenge. Any man who can’t deal with challenge or sharing life without being an idiot is the very thing he’s saying she is  –inferior.  That’s not leadership. That’s not power. That’s not worth respect. That’s just dumb, and I hate it.

Not feeling very peaceful…







4 thoughts on “What’s With the “B” Word and the “C” word?

  1. I am not a fan of Trump (as you can see on my wall much to the chagrin of the right wing portion of my friends), and honestly, while I know Limbaugh is the bogeyman from the right, I haven’t actually listened to his radio program, so I don’t have much insight there. I will say that he is what could be noted as a “shock jock” a la Howard Stern but with a political axe to grind. I do know some very intelligent people that say he doesn’t say a lot of the things that are attributed to him, or more to the point, he will say it sarcastically and then the media will print it as if he was serious.

    But enough on that since as noted, I don’t really know enough to be anything but annoying in my argument.

    What I really wanted to ask is this…I get it, Trump is a bully, with words, but where is blog about Bill or Hillary? Bill Clinton has been accused of sexual assault and he committed sexual harassment by using his position of power (the most powerful boss in the free world) to bed an intern who worked for him. Now, I know, Bill isn’t running. But the women that have accused him also say that Hillary used veiled threats to keep them quiet and the Clinton machine essentially destroyed anyone that has made such claims. THAT is bullying. They’ve made careers out of this. The families in Benghazi have said that she told them they would get the guy who produced that video. Hillary now calls them liars and largely their story is dismissed because she says so and the media has no desire to do their jobs and ask follow up questions. One comes to mind…why have so few journalists asked her if she is calling the victims families liars? Why has no one asked her if she did try to silence Paula Jone, Juanita Broderick and others who accused Bill? She now says every woman should be believed when they make these accusations, so isn’t that a valid question?

    She has a history of lying. Look at what is happening with the email scandal? This can no longer be called a right wing hit job. The FBI is investigating and is likely to recommend indictment. That’s not politics. What is politics is that the DOJ will likely not choose to move forward with the indictment in spite of the great deal of evidence against her. She has repeated lied and then had to back pedal and change the story.

    Trump bullies with words, and I hope he doesn’t get the nomination, but the Clinton’s bully with words and actions and the allegations against them are far more serious.

    • Sean: Obviously, we agree on Trump. Amazingly, we also agree on Hillary. I don’t think she’s trust-able. Look at what Robert Reich said about her: She’s the best politician for this era. Bernie’s the best for the future. She can get things done in ways I don’t want to know. Either way, I’ll vote Democrat. I think their hearts are in a better place than all the Repubs. I can’t imagine she actually believes ALL these women were lying. That’d be absurd.
      But the whole point of the article is the whole calling Megyn Kelly the B word and C word. I assume you’re against that?

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