2016 New Years Resolutions

I hope we learned some things from 2015 which, outside of my family and job, was really horrible.  In that spirit…

  • Let’s not kill anyone for the wrong reasons this year, though I’m not really sure on what the right ones might be.
  • Let’s try to share what we have with others this year, so that no one goes without.
  • Let’s try to treat all people with respect and dignity — even, and especially, African-Americans who had a lousy 2015.
  • Lets try to not elect corrupt politicians and to remove those who are corrupt from power.
  • Let’s not bomb churches, this year — or mosques or ashrams or monasteries  or temples.
  • Let’s make sure we tell the people who are important to us that they are, in fact, important to us.
  • More than that, though, let’s act like they are important to us, just in case.
  • Let’s not have any mass shootings this year — none.
  • Let’s not do drugs or beat up a partner or intentionally wreck someone’s life. Let’s not molest any children. I have enough work already. I don’t need anymore.
  • Let’s try to make this country #1 in things that really matter again. Let’s be good enough that other people want to be us.
  • Let’s have college be affordable, before my kids go there. (I know, that’s self-centered. You got to start somewhere. Where it helps my kids is as good as any.
  • Let’s enjoy the beauty of nature and make sure there’s more of it for future generations.
  • Let’s have healthcare — not just insurance, but the actual care — affordable for everyone.
  • Let’s make cars affordable.
  • Let’s end chronic homelessness. We know how to.
  • Let’s get some perspective and mean what we say — not the hyperbole that passes for reality these days. In short, let’s stop shouting at each other.
  • Deering people, let’s get together again this year.
  • Let’s save the vitriol for … never.
  • Ar the end of it all. let’s be good enough to have God say, “Well done, good and faithful servant”. And let’s remember who is — and should be — running the universe. My atheist friends: be happy and have a meaningful life.

That’s all I’ve got for now.

Peace in 2016,





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