My “nemesis” and I have questions…

Sean Murphy (my Facebook “nemesis” and very good friend in person) and I had dinner last night. We agreed on a few things, just to confuse any paparazzi who might be nearby. Sean is center, but right while I am center but left. He has lots of friends who are further right than him and I have a lot of friends who are further left than I am. By the end of the night I felt like we had been in a men’s club having cigars (never mind that neither of us smoke or that my friend Joyce Morin was there). We agreed on a few things and made a list of demands for all candidates running for office, mostly in the form of questions. Here they are:

1) Have you read the Constitution ?

2) Do you believe in it?

3) Do have opinions?

4) At the end of it all, can you get over yourself?

5) Do you care for others more than money or a philosophy?

6) Can you think?

7) Can you be logical?

8) Can you listen to facts?

9) Can and will you be honest?

10) Can and will you be moral?

11) Can and will you be realistic ?

12) Really?



3 thoughts on “My “nemesis” and I have questions…

  1. As noted when we were out…I am not sure even if they answered these questions the way you and I would like them to, that it would be worth the paper it’s written on. A few thoughts:

    Reading the Constitution is critical and should be a non-starter if they haven’t, but it is also important that they try to view it from a non-partisan standpoint. So, for example the separation of church and state has been turned into freedom FROM religion by people who know where the separation of C and S is in the constitution but completely misinterpret what it means. Christianity is suffering from this by having traditions stripped away by the supposed separation. A high school coach that wants to say a prayer at the football game is threatened with suspension for doing so etc. It’s like reading the bible and somehow coming away from it with it saying that homosexuality is a huge sin (especially the New Testament).

    My issue with Trump isn’t that I think he hasn’t read it. He’s a successful business man who has to understand legal documents all the time so it’s likely he has read it and he even may be on my side in many cases. And his tax plan in some instances would suit you too as he does plan to raise taxes on the wealthy to pay for some things. That’s not my issue with him. My issue with him is that he is an ego-maniac that will likely rename the White House to Trump Towers South. He is too brash and may not be the best diplomat. Look, he has negotiated many deals, so I can’t say this definitively, but it’s my sense of him.

    My issues with Hillary is that I flat out don’t trust her. The media is trumpeting her testimony on the hill the other day as a resounding victory for her. I actually think politically it was. I have never had anything but respect for her political acumen. She runs circles around others in this capacity (democrats and republicans). However, the media all but ignored the fact that she misled the country for weeks after the attack on the embassy. She told her family (Chelsea) that it was a terrorist attack by an Al Qaeda like group on the night it happened and then proceeded to tell America and the families of the victims that they were going to arrest the guy who made “that video that caused it all”. This was done because only 4 days earlier Joe Biden had said the administration had Al Qaeda decimated and on the run. This attack would have undermined the election strategy. This is by no means the first time that Hillary has been caught in an outright lie. She has lied outright several times with her email server and had to change her story once it was revealed. But the media will not hold her to any standard of truthfulness.

    Those are just the front runners.

    • Sean: We are in deep do-do. We were looking for statesmen, or stateswomen, statespeople as Joyce pointed out, and we were finding none, except Biden who had just said he “wouldn’t ” run.

    • I hate typing on my phone… We agreed that Bernie was honest and would do what he said –or try– but you seemed to believe he should study math first. I find this interesting because Republicans have been notoriously bad at math (Bush tax cuts, for example). Still, it does seem reasonable for someone in office to know civics, understand English and ethics, and be able to do math. Just saying…

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