A Veteran’s Benefits?

From time-to-time, my friends share stories that deserve telling to a wider audience. A while back I shared a Facebook conversation between two friends about energy. Today, I heard a story that I thought deserved such an  audience. Below is that story, unedited. The story is from my friend Liz Solomon Wright, who is a teacher and entrepreneur in Texas.

The Veteran’s Lot in Life….

This morning I was walking into work when I saw a gentleman having trouble with his leg braces. I stopped and said, “Good morning,” and was about to offer some help if he wanted it. “It’s not really a good morning ma’am,” he replied. “14 years ago we lost some amazing Americans and after that my unit lost X number of men and my whole next unit died.” Now he wasn’t by any means being negative or crappy about it, not cranky, just saying. I just listened. We walked into the building together and took the elevator up together while he told me about his experiences with the military and the VA. Since he was Special Forces, many of his missions were not documented and thus any injuries sustained during them were not being covered by services.


I don’t care what your take on the government or the military is. Governing bodies made decisions and humans implemented them as requested. And now some of those humans (who volunteered, knowing full well disability and death were possible) are being treated like shit.


Thank you all for your service. And thank you Nathan, the gentleman I met today.

You are still here. It is part of your role to make the world, your world, the best place possible as best as you can.

 Editors Note: As a follow-up, a friend of Liz’s posted: “Just an FYI. I do think there is a way for SOFs to have their injuries verified now even in classified situations. Very recent, 2012, 2013, and he may not know.”
If you are a veteran in these circumstances, check with the VA or a lawyer or your local elected official to find out about it.

One thought on “A Veteran’s Benefits?

  1. We need to care for our veterans. Appalling.

    Not only as gratitude, but because if we don’t take care of veterans we won’t have any.

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