It’s Early, But I Think I’ll Be Voting For Bernie Sanders

It’s way too early to declare anything. I understand that. The vote isn’t even until next year. We haven’t geared up for the caucuses. We haven’t watched 20 debates featuring 50 buffoons yet. Donald Trump hasn’t even stopped running yet.  Hillary, for goodness sake, hasn’t even taken off the gloves yet. Joe Biden may or may not declare his candidacy. Who knows, Jesus might return before the election, in which case He gets my vote. But, today, of all the candidates that I know of actually running, I think Bernie Sanders is the man I would vote for for President.  If it comes down to Hillary vs. Bernie, I’d have to say I’m going to vote for Bernie.  Here’s why:

1) Elizabeth Warren is not running. If she were, I’d vote for her for the same reasons that I’ll vote for Bernie — and she’s a woman, which, of course, Bernie is not.

2) While others are talking about “liberty” and “morality” and “why Capitalism is great (or not)”, while others talk about the United States “interests”, Bernie Sanders talks about people — People who are being abused by our present situation, people who are being impoverished by our current structures, people who want to work and want to feed their families.  Years ago, an economist wrote a book entitled, “Small Is Beautiful: Economics As If People Mattered”.  While I don’t agree with everything in the book, I like the concept of people building the economy and system that meets their needs best. We should do everything as if people mattered. Bernie — while he clearly has a philosophy — doesn’t seem to worship it. He is no more proud to be a Democrat than he is proud to be anything else. He doesn’t seem to be running as a physical representation of a philosophy. He seems to be running as a person.

2) Over the course of the last few years, I have come to understand that how laws get written, how tax codes get written, how economic bills get written depends on what group or what corporation wants a bill to be slanted toward them. Sanders doesn’t seem to be beholden to any corporations or organization — including the democrats, so their political affiliations won’t drag him in.

3) As of this point, he seems to be the only candidate running as a populist. By that, I mean, as a servant of the people. He seems to be the only one running as a public servant, not as The Leader Of The Free World. He doesn’t seem in it for the history books. He seems to be in it because he wants to help. He doesn’t seem interested in — or getting us interested in —  dominance. I’m sick of being told how great we are as a nation. If we’re great, we don’t need to say it, we need to be it. I’ve had enough of Rah! Rah! Rah! I want humble leadership.

4) Sanders seems fairer than any of the other candidates. He’s not pro-war but if we’re going to have one, he seems to say, let’s care about our troops.  Hillary has always seemed more like a “hawk” than I’d like. Pretty much all the Republicans portray themselves as hawks — as though that’s a good thing. It’s not.

5) He responds. When the whole “Black Lives Matter” thing blew up, he hired a Black person for his staff. While others respond about what things look like, Sanders understands English enough so that he doesn’t say idiotic things in the first place, then he listens to the actual questions being asked.

There is an old saying: “If the people lead, the leaders will follow”. Bernie Sanders seems to believe in that. If elected President, I think we might actually fix the potholes, weak bridges, and other infrastructure that we have known needed to be fixed for a long time. If he’s president, I think that the likelihood we’ll go to war decreases dramatically. I think that the tax code will go toward more fairness than it has been in years. He has a domestic policy. He can handle a foreign policy because he will treat other people like people, as well.

With all that said, like it matters to any of the candidates, I think I’m voting for Bernie Sanders.




One thought on “It’s Early, But I Think I’ll Be Voting For Bernie Sanders

  1. John, I like a lot of what you said. Bernie isn’t a Democrat, yet, though, so there isn’t that kind of allegiance, though he wants to run as one. I would like to hear what he has to say regarding foreign policy. Actually, I haven’t heard much about that from the Republicans, other than their being against the Iran deal.

    As for Hillary, I think she does have to clear up the uncertainty about the emails. Did she just not think it through before using her own address and server, or was she trying to hide something? As for Benghazi, I think we’ve had enough investigations without finding any evil.

    I am biding my time and watching what happens. There is another Democratic candidate or two that we hear hardly anything about. I’d like to hear more. I’d like Joe Biden to decide and then hear what he has to say. He doesn’t get a lot of respect, but that goes for a lot of Vice Presidents.

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