A Manifesto of Love

Regarding the shooting Wednesday, June 17, 2012 at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C.

Because everything that Dylann Roof has tried to do is a lie, I will tell the Truth.

Enough. We know what happened. We know who did it. We know why.
I’m not going to argue about reality anymore. I’m not going to waste any more effort justifying my reality or the reality of my friends as though it were merely a “belief”. This is the time when “the rubber hits the road” and we must act. How will I act ?

Because Mr. Roof acted as though Black lives do not matter, and that they are inherently a problem, I will act as though Black Lives Matter because they do. I will extol the virtues of Black culture. I will do what I can to point out what we lose if my brothers and sisters continue to die. I will march when I can. I will speak about how anti-Christ racism is when I can. I will speak about how our humanity is diminished due to racism when I can. I will listen to Black leaders as often as I can. I will pray for the community when I can. I will support the community when I can. If people want war between races and I have to choose, I will be a Black community sympathizer.

Because Mr. Roof believed that violence solves things, I will not be is violent, to anyone. There is enough violence out there. I cannot prove that violence is wrong by engaging in it.

Because a gun was used, I will not support gun rights or the rights to any other weapons of individual or mass destruction. Because he seems to confuse “patriotism” with “violence”, I will not act as though they are, because they are not remotely the same.

Because I believe that ignorance was involved in this, I will support education. Because hatred was taught to make this happen, I will teach love, and I will support organizations that teach love.

Because it happened in an AME church, I will specifically support churches in AME tradition. Because Christians died, I will support Christianity. Because a Black politician died, I will do what I can to elect Black politicians who share my values . Because a Black pastor died, I will support Black pastors. Because both Black men and Black women died, I will support the lives of Black men and women.

Every thing that Mr. Roof wanted to happen must not happen and must be undone until American society knows that love and peace and knowledge and wisdom are the real Truth about who we can be. That is what I will do.




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