Re: Caitlyn Jenner — I Don’t Care and Why

I find myself in a sort of weird space  I keep trying to read the news and I keep seeing the same picture — Annie Lebowitz’s picture of Caitlyn Jenner for Vanity Fair. It is included in articles about the IOC and ESPN and people’s mostly positive responses (at least in the things I read). The celebration of “trans rights” as the next big social justice issue among liberals and  my children’s generation makes it makes it impossible to say I don’t care about the larger issues. Heck, I apparently have an acquaintance/friend from years who is trans.

Maybe it’s me, but it’s just not an issue I’m willing to die for — or if it is, it’s way down on the list.  Caitlyn Jenner , however, is a whole other issue. So, one guy deserves to be happy and can express himself as a woman and that’s the subject of praise and adulation? The man/woman has been famous for years, has been rich for years, and his family is wealthier than many small countries, has been on every cover of every magazine at the grocery store for probably a year — and he/she needs more publicity?

I worry when the media covers what I would call “made up issues” — little Jimmy in the well,  the puppy in the sewer pipe, the latest viral video and it’s impact on larger society, or whatever is supposed to The Thing We All Care About For 24 Hours that will have a book tour and a movies made about it’s success later.

People in Nepal will be digging out for a long time and need things like clean air and clean water, food, clothing and shelter and what are we talking about? One man’s happiness when dressed like a woman.  ISIS is beheading people and countries are being taken over and we care about the freedom of speech/right to self-expression of one person? In our own country, children are being shot by police, men and women have been arrested with no real reason and we worry about a person who lives better than all of them and is able to walk around freely — and gets paid for it?

There are so many other issues to focus on, and so may “smaller” people to talk about. The woman in the city with four children whose husband can’t get work because he is black, while the government takes away their voting rights and their insurance — that’s a family of 6 people who should also have the right for self-expression that one person in Beverly Hills has. I am aware that “an injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”, but I think we need to more concerned about things lower on Maslowe’s Hierarchy of Needs. Let’s keep people alive first, Let’s stand up for the rights of more than one person. The first form of expression is being alive in a country that does want you to be. Those are the stories I want to hear about. I want to hear stories of people helping each other out rather than stories of people putting the focus on themselves.

I don’t want to be distracted any more.




4 thoughts on “Re: Caitlyn Jenner — I Don’t Care and Why

  1. Hi, John-

    First of all I will put my disclaimer that I’m VERY ignorant, I don’t know anybody on the TG/TS spectrum, I don’t have any psychology background, etc. That being said-

    I have heard many people say that TG people are that way because they are unhappy with who they are and they are searching for happiness by changing “who they are”. What is your opinion about that?

    And what is your opinion about calling someone by their “desired” gender instead of their actual gender? (I use that terminology in the same way that I can’t desire to be a different race. And if I bolt Ferrari body panels on to my Buick, it will still be a Buick).

    I’m curious for your response to my ignorant comments.

    And yes- I agree that there are MUCH more important things in the world going on. My satellite radio gets BBC world news, and the attention paid to Mr./Ms. Jenner is completely laughable and the attention we pay to things like this are the reason USA is perceived as a joke.

    -Bob C.
    p.s. from a religious standpoint, modifying your body doesn’t matter to me – either a person is saved and loves God, or they aren’t/don’t… I’d love to hear your thoughts about that too.

    • Bob:

      First off, my disclaimer: I’m not an expert on the issue, either. That’s related to my not caring much about the issue.

      I don’t know that I’m going to be much help here. For instance I don’t know what TG and TS are…

      That said, I have opinions and some knowledge, so here goes: Yes, some people are born with the sense that they are the opposite gender. Some people are born with both genitals. Some people are born with both sets, and the doctor chooses the wrong one. At the same time, some people just like to wear opposite gender clothes — now only men dressing like women is the issue as society has gotten used to women wearing pants, shirts, etc. A famous actress was actually stoned for wearing pants in her time (the 30’s?) in America. She barely survived.

      The people I mentioned are unhappy with who they are and want to change or express themselves what they feel is “the right way”.

      If a person wants to be called by another name, it seems odd to me, but so what. I’ll call them by whatever name they prefer. People use nicknames all the time. I suspect I can get used to that.

      Now, here’s where you and I might (or might not) disagree. The only theological thought I have about the whole thing is that I believe “God doesn’t make junk”, so the idea of changing one’s gender surgery means a person doesn’t like how God made them so much that they undergo this painful (and I might add, expensive) process. I don’t think we get to choose,. It means we know better than God to me, and I am convinced that we don’t. That said, I’m not them. I don’t have their experience so I don’t know.



      • Well as to might agreeing, yes we agree. God doesn’t make junk or mistakes. We might not understand what he did or why, and we might not understand ourselves, but I’ve seen way too many things in life to think there isn’t a completely brilliant mind behind the universe. Remind me to blab to you about infinity and eternity next time we’re face-to-face (which should be sooner rather than later!).

        BTW, TG=Transgender and TS=transsexual. And no, i don’t know the difference.

        Every time I hear about people who are genuinely unhappy with themselves- either based on gender or otherwise – I wish I could reach out and help them. I am SO imperfect, but in reality I’m quite happy and content with my highly imperfect self. If I had to say why- it’s because I am not a jealous person and I don’t care whether someone is “better” than me. I am who I am, and I’m kinda cool. I wish everyone felt that way too.

        I remember hearing (I wish I knew where) that the suicide rates of post-op TS was astronomical. That tells me that these people aren’t just unhappy with their gender – they are just unhappy with themselves. Again I will plead ignorance at the drop of a hat on this one, but that’s how it seems to me. When I hear “transsexual” or whatever, I hear “screaming for help”. But I also feel like I’m not allowed to say that without being called hateful and judgmental.

        I see that you’re going to take a break from blogging for a while – so before you do, let me thank you for the profession you’ve chosen and the help you bring to so many people in need. I wish I had such a noble profession.

      • Bob: if you bring grace and mercy to your life, you can’t help but be noble personally and professionally. We should talk more about it this summer. Thank you for your comment. See you in a bit!

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