It Could Start Here, Now…

Sometimes reading Facebook is like the Universe talking to me. Today is one of those times. My friend Scooter sent me an article about being active in anti-racism efforts. Then someone else sent me something about going into the future. Then there were posts about people who did extraordinary things with their lives.

I have been blessed by simplicity sometimes, with the clarity of non-thought. Dr. King talked about “the paralysis of analysis”. Today is a good day to stop talking, stop thinking about doing, and actually just do loving and justice. Let me tell you how powerful this can be.

When John Lennon said, “War is over, if you want it”, he wasn’t kidding. If we each stop fighting wars, we will all stop having wars. We still sing “imagine” with our hearts to this day.

Harry Chapin is quoted as saying, “When in doubt, do something”. Harry’s people are still feed others all around the country, long after his death.

Gordon Sherman (of Deering fame) said that his life changed when he taught Sunday School and thought to himself, “What if I actually did this?”. His life changed and so did thousands of others.

I started a Prayer Group at seminary, because I thought that’s what you did there. Because I didn’t know what I didn’t know, it was successful. Some of my favorite people in the world came into my life through that prayer group.

Oh, and Jesus… Don’t even get me started on what he did for the world as well as what he taught.

So the point is this: Get up in the morning and try to be kind to everyone you meet — regardless of whether you know them or not, regardless of whether you know what you’re doing, regardless of anything! Be kind to your kid, be kind to your spouse, be kind to your pet. Be kind to the person on the bus, be kind to the people in the store. Give somebody who asks money. Give people who didn’t ask money. My friend Bob Cunningham used to give the man at the toll booth $10.00 and say, “pay as many tolls as you can with this”.

Just try to do nice things by doing nice things. Be kind to the gay person and the Black person not because they are those categories, but because they are people. See a need? Fill it. Support a friend. By someone a cup of coffee. Do all of these — or any of them —  See how the world changes around you.

Instead of trying not to be evil, try to be actively a force for good. Do good things. Even doing them poorly is better than not doing them at all. Simply because you want to be kind, people will feel better.

Have a good day!

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