On The Snow

As I write that title, it occurs to me that I might just lay down on the snow.

Remember that movie “The Day After Tomorrow”? It seems like the day after yesterday.

It’s said that that the Inuits have 50 different words for snow. We have had all of them this year.


Light, powdery snow.

Heavy, wet snow.

Packed powder.

Snow with ice on top.

Snow with rain.

Snow with freezing rain.

Snow with fog.

Snow with sleet.

Snow that comes off your driveway

Snow that gets thrown back on your driveway by the plow.

Snow that causes a school delay.

Snow that threatens to cause a school delay, but doesn’t.

The Storm of The Century snow.

The Potential Storm of The Century snow that only threatens.

“That wasn’t too bad” snow.

Snow that blows sideways but doesn’t land.

Snow that sticks immediately.

Snow so tall it’s as big as your house.

Snow with lightening.

Snow stuck in your gutter.

Snow that comes through your roof.

Snow in the parking lot.

Snow thrown into the ocean.

Snow with nowhere to go.

Snow people ski on.

Man-made snow you ski on. Wait a minute! Not this year.

Snow on the road that prevents you from skiing on the mountain.

Snow on the road that won’t let you go home.

Snow that you know (or hope) is going to melt someday.

White snow.

Yellow snow.

Snow that the dog refuses to go out in.

Snow the dog bounds through as though they are on a pogo stick.

Snow with rock salt.

Snow with sand.

Snow with brine.

Snow you can make a snowman with.

Snow that isn’t good for anything.

Snow on TV radar — digital snow.

Snow in real life.

Real life snow being talked about by the person on TV.

Snow that won’t let your plane take off.

Snow in another state that won’t let your plane take off.

Yesterday’s snow.

Today’s snow.

Tomorrow’s snow.

Snow that never ends.

Record breaking snow.

Did I mention that’s been a long year already?

That’s enough snow for now. Seriously. THAT’S ENOUGH SNOW!




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