This Might Be Your Last Day To…

Listening to the news this morning, it sounded like the Republicans WILL take control of the Senate. I don’t think so, mostly based on the vote of women, minorities and others who have become disenfranchised by politics as they are.

Assuming the Republicans are more than just blustery, if they win tomorrow and have a majority in both houses of Congress, this may well be your last chance to:

1) Have affordable health care.
2) Get birth control
3) Get anything resembling income equality
4) Have a higher minimum wage
5) Have a just immigration policy
6) Have an abortion without being psychologically tortured first
7) Have any place to have an abortion if necessary
8) Get any more civil rights than have now.

Though I personally will never have an abortion or need an immigration policy, there are many people that do. Though I make more than minimum wage by far, I know many who can’t live on what they make and can only find minimum wage jobs. We have so much potential as a nation, but we no longer fund the things that made us great, with the possible exception of military strength ( which sucks the life out of us ).

There are two choices if Republicans win the Senate: more gridlock if President Obama fights or the measures above if he doesn’t.

Tomorrow, all the money in the world and all the media lies thrown around can’t take your power from you if you vote. You determine your own fate during this vote and the fate of your fellow citizens.

Please vote on Tuesday Nov. 4th and – if you must vote Republican, at least vote for Moderate ones, so that we don’t lose ground as a society.




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