Winning By Subtraction

I wish the Democrats would just leave me alone. Day after day — three and four times per day — I get an email telling me that:

1) Karl Rove is spending a lot of money to defeat the democrats

2) The Koch brothers are spending a lot of money to defeat the democrats

3) Fox News is spending a lot of money and time to defeat the democrats

3) If the Republicans win the Senate (and it’ll be close!) — the entire world will end and 6 years of Obama will be undone.

4) If the polls are correct and the Republicans win the Senate (and they say it could or will happen!) — the entire world will end and 6 years of Obama will be undone.

In response to all of this fear-mongering, they want me to give money to them. If I gave money to them every time they asked, I’d be giving thousands of dollars away every month. I don’t have it and –if I did, I might be a Republican, so it’s no use.

If anybody in Democrat-land is listening, here’s the thing: You don’t need any more of my money. What you need is my vote — maybe my feet, or my car, or my phone voice, but you mostly need my vote — and the vote of many other people.

Why am I not afraid? I believe in the power of words (duh!) and actions. I’m really into this “war for the hearts and minds” thing — not war with guns or bombs or napalm or whatever we’re using these days, but challenging the heart and the mind — or pointing out the obvious and letting the chips fall where they may. If speaking your piece can’t get you elected, maybe you shouldn’t be elected. Honestly, I can’t see how it’s going to be that hard — regardless of what the polls say, what Karl Rove says, what the Koch brothers say, what Fox News says, or what Rove and Koch say on Fox News. Here’s why: It’s simple math.

There are 100% of the population to start with. Of those, half are women.  Name a thing a Republican has said right about women in the last four years.  Has a Republican said he/she wants all women to have health care? Has a Republican said he/she wants all women to have birth control? Unless every woman in America is suddenly a Duggar, contraception and health care are big issues. Has a Republican said that women have the rights to their own bodies, equal pay for equal work, the ERA, what might be rape or that they know how a woman’s body works? I’m still waiting… No. I didn’t think so.  OK. So, that takes off 50% of the population.  I know that only so many of them are going to vote, but still… ok — 30%.

Now, there is approximately 10% of the population that is gay. I know that there are Lincoln Republicans who believe in The Big Tent, but really? Someone in Hawaii just lost because they were against gay marriage. Not only were gay people offended by his stand, most people who know a gay person were offended by his stand. I can’t even fathom how much of the population that is — and those people voted.

Next, let’s see: In Ferguson recently, did a Republican say that there’s a problem with the the shooting? I assume so. Did it seem like an overwhelming number of them? No. Do African-Americans feel supported by the Republicans in this? I’m not seeing it. Do they feel supported by the Republicans in anything else? Still not seeing it. Was it conservatives or liberals who pushed the Supreme Court to repeal part of the Civil Rights Act? Hmmm. Let me think…   despite all kinds of ways to keep them from voting, any African-American who actually makes it to the polls will vote for the liberal. I’m not sure how much of the population they are, but even Republicans have given up there, so you can take that percentage away from their votes.

OK, Hispanics: Immigration reform is such a huge and complicated issue that even if some vote Republican, it won’t be the whole bunch of them.

What’s left? White men. What percentage of them are living below the poverty line and dependent on some sort of social program that Republicans want to cut, just because they can? How many Republicans have made a case for increasing the minimum wage? Is that an issue they’ll run on? No, I think not. What percentage of White men are Union workers or want to organize where they work? How many Republicans say that they want to support unions? Let me see…

So, let’s see: 100% – 30%,= 70% (a high figure), minus 10% (a low figure) = 60%, minus 12 – 15% I think, = 45%, minus some portion of Hispanic voters, — to be conservative (ironically) take away another 5 % of the population. That means even on a good day, 40% of the population will vote for the Republicans in Congress now. Take away union members and poor people and you have what’s left — some guy waving a flag in the middle of a state saying, “I voted Republican”.

I’m not saying (despite what it sounds like) that all Republicans are bad. What I am saying is that reasonable ones don’t raise their voices for people or causes very often, because the off-the-cliff right-wingers are doing all the talking. If the democrats started crossing people off of their list of “who’s important to listen to”, they would lose, too — or they should. In addition to that, at least in the House, what have they done?  They have said, “No” an awful lot. They believe that was their mandate, that that’s what they were sent to Washington to do. Let’s see if they are right. Is anybody happy with these people? If they are, let them vote. Maybe you’ll have two people waving their flag in a cornfield saying they voted Republican.

If the Democrats can’t win in this election climate, with these particular Congressman and -women in the opposite party, they don’t deserve to win … anything, ever. They could still pull out a loss by trying to act like the present Republicans.  I’m also not saying the Democrats have been particularly great, either, by the way. They just acknowledge that more people are important in the world than the 1%, which means they’ll get more of the vote.

I’m not a political soothsayer. I don’t a own a number-crunching company that yields statistics about these things. I just look around and see what I see.  I think that it’s hard to win when you haven’t done anything but intentionally hurt large groups of people for 4 to 6 years and try to prove just how anti-intelligence you are. If the Republicans win this fall, America gets what it deserves. In the meantime, I’ll go to the polls and register my vote. I’ve given enough of my money and been afraid of enough real things already. Dems, stop asking.












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