Good Night, America, How Are You?, Day 10. — Washington State: Trees, Water and Us

Washington state is a lot like Oregon with giant trees everywhere, for as far as the eye can see. In addition, there is water here and lots of it.

In Seattle,where we were this morning, there is what looks like a bay and may be Puget Sound. There is a fish market right next to hundreds of fresh fruit and vegetables in the market, all apparently organic and local.

Seattle is the home of Starbucks, so the smell of coffee is everywhere. Microsoft is headquartered here, so there is plenty of money to buy the good-smelling coffee at Starbucks.

We stopped for lunch on our way to Yakima, where we will be tonight. The park was on an incredible lake/pond that was surrounded by 60 foot trees growing on the side of mountains.

Unlike Oregon, there are huge amounts of water– glacial rivers, bays, lakes, mountain streams. This state is full of nature. It’s all around and it’s gorgeous. The wind has been blowing hard today, so the air is pure.

Still, as Israel launches a ground war against Palestine, I am aware that there is no piece of nature that humans can’t mess up, maim or destroy.

When we arrived last night at the train station, there was a short, precisely dressed limousine driver with a sign that said “Microsoft… Defense coding”. Today, while we peacefully enjoyed the lake. The trees and the quiet of the wild, two or three fighter jets flew through the air. My daughter looked up and said, “We get it. You’re in charge.”

In the midst of all of this beauty is war all around us, but it lurks underground here, making money for people so that they can buy coffee and really nice arts and listen to grunge music or whatever passes for local music these days.

Most of the people seem to be nice here — kind, considerate, in awe of the natural beauty around them, paced well, not particularly greedy. The people here know what they have, but overall, they have a choice — love nature and people or destroy them both. We all have that choice, but it’s a lot more stark here, in the Northwest corner of the country that is a lot like Oregon.




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