Good Night America, How Are You?, Day 7: The Hidden Flowers of Los Angeles

Most people think of L.A. as made up of smog, people, cars, and earthquakes — mostly unnatural things and dangerous natural ones. What about flowers that look like paintbrushes that are a mixture of purple and maroon? Tangerines on trees in the front yard? Cacti? Neon pink flowers? They are all here. The thing that most people don’t realize is that Los Angeles, known for its clothes colors that don’t occur in nature, actually has a lot of things that do.

It is a beautiful day in L.A. and there is nearly no smog today. From my friend’s house, you can see for at least 20 miles — nearly all the way to Catalina Island in the Pacific Ocean. Hidden in the hills around here are all kinds of purple flowers, white flowers, trees with white snow-like flowers, and all kinds of fruit just ready for the taking. There are hummingbirds flying in the backyard, feeding off the honey in the feeder.

In asking my hosts, there are at least this many in this neighborhood alone
1) morning glory
2) Cosmos
3) Lavender
4) Hobiscus
5) Bogan Villa (spelling?)
6) Dahlias
7) Spider Plant
8) Apple Trees
9) Tangerine trees
10) Gardenias
11) Necatarines Trees
12) Grapes
13) Lemons
14) Jackaranda (spelling?) tree
15) Fig Trees
16) Pomegranite
17) Cyprus
18) Four types of basil
19) Parsley
20) Cilantro
21) Succulents
22) Rosemary
23) Spearmint
24) Ivy
25) Pine Trees
26) Palm Trees
27) Lime trees
28) Poppies
29) Eucalyptus
30) Manzanita
31) Dogwood
32) Strawberries
33) Passion fruit? Passion vines?
34) Sweet gum trees
35) Black Walnut trees

I don’t know how much of this is native to the area, but all of it grows here. Of course, if you think about it, the Rose Parade is in nearby Pasadena, so there must be Roses and there is the Orange Grove section of town, so there must be oranges here (historically there were orange groves all around here).

My children and wife went to the Pacific Ocean this morning, but I sat here enjoying my friends’ company and taking in the view. I don’t have a lot of people to talk about today, because I haven’t seen that many. Nonetheless, I wanted to write today and give you a different view of L.A. than you normally hear about.

But just so you don’t think I’m talking about some other Los Angeles, I can assure that the people, the cars, the smog and the earthquakes are still here, but the last two haven’t shown up today.

In the immortal words of Randy Newman, “I love L.A.”!




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