Change in wording…

We had a friend over last night — a teacher of history and a very smart man. He informed me that there is a group of people on the political right who use the term “RINO” which means “Republican in Name Only”.  By this they mean what I would call Republicans – John McCain, for instance.

Given the events of the past week or so, I will call them as I see them, simply as a matter of clarity. I will call them fascists.

Please know that I am not given to hyperbole. I have never used the the term “Amerika” in the past. I don’t like inciting people’s passions just for the sake of it. I speak because I cannot hold it in anymore.  When I say “fascists”, I mean fascists — political bullies for whom the right wing is never right enough — people who consider African-Americans, women, gays, anyone non-White, non-Christian person to be worth less than them. While other people in this country want America to be at it’s best, fascists want to be in power.

For instance, John McCain will be called a Republican. Rick Perry will either be called a “fascist” or “a member of the fascist wing of the Republican party”. Olympia Snow will be called a Republican. Michelle Bachmann will be called a fascist.

If you read this blog, please don’t think I’ve gone off the deep end or am writing propaganda. I am not.


I really long for…








4 thoughts on “Change in wording…

    • Bob: that’s a really great idea. Thanks for the suggestion.

      Until then, though, I still want to say that the things that Perry, etc. are doing , they are doing under the guise of Republicanism arent at all Republicanism, and we need to be careful of them.



      • Depends what “republican” is / means. Same with being a democrat.

        If you can say “I’m a democrat except [insert issue here]”, are you really a democrat? Who defines the party position on all of those issues, anyhow? And where can I find that list?

        Was JFK a democrat when he said “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” or has the meaning of “democrat” done a complete 180 since then to one of dependance on the government?

        Although there is a Libertarian Party, it is based on a philosophy- not a standing on a bundle of issues. I can spell out exactly what that philosophy is. But if there is a “democratic” philosophy, can you be a “democrat” without subscribing to 100% of the standing on that bundle of issues? Can you call yourself a Republican and be pro-abortion?

        Why should someone who believes in fiscal conservatism be tied in ANY WAY to a religious group?

        The whole party system is HORRIBLE for this country, and frankly I believe it is unconstitutional.

      • Bob: all fair questions. I have heard the Kennedy speech you refer to as “Communist” by a teacher in college and I thought he was nuts. In any case, fascism, like Libertarianism, is a philosophy. Kennedy’s speech was a specific speech, but what matters in the long-run is the pattern of what one says. Perry and Bachmann and a whole host of others offer a litmus-test for being a republican that has nothing to do with historic republican.

        I don’t like litmus tests on either side and I wouldn’t scapegoat someone permanently for one must-step or even a few of them.

        I also don’t like “political correctness” for the same reason. It is the left’s version of litmus testing.

        Everything else you said, I agree with.



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