Can We Let The Man Have His Presidency?

The New York Times is reporting that Bill Clinton gave a policy speech about Syria the other day that basically told President Obama what his policy should be there and Obama moved his position a little bit toward engagement in Syria as Clinton suggested.

I get that Clinton saved the party with his speech at the Democratic convention which helped Obama get elected after faltering in a debate, but I wish he’d remember he’s not The President anymore. As many a minister whose predecessor hasn’t left town knows, it’s rude and undercuts the authority of the one who is actually doing the job. Clinton should know better. I know that telling the “first Black president” not to be racist seems harsh, but — whatever his intent — his telling the actual first Black President how to do things furthers the idea that Blacks can’t handle leadership — an extremely racist point of view.

Especially when combined with the absolute refusal of the Republican House to let anything happen from the White House, Obama’s presidency will succeed by his pushing a rock uphill or fail because he can’t. There are enough checks and balances in the Constitution already to keep Obama or any other President from getting way out of hand. Let’s at least hear the man out, have real debates about his policies and let the chips fall where they may.

It feels so far like Obama’s never had a presidency, which is rather odd for a man we elected twice. He can’t elect judges, he can’t get support for a health bill that’s already law. He can’t keep us out of a civil war that he sees as dangerous. George W. Bush could elect judges, could send us to war against many people’s will, and could the Patriot Act passed without more than a whimper. How is that possible and what does it say that it’s true?

In the middle of this, Clinton kicks Obama when he’s down?

Seriously, could we let the man we elected actually lead the country?

Not politically at peace,



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