Why I Love Connecticut

I grew up in Massachusetts, and have never been particularly comfortable in Connecticut. It’s too close to New York City (where all those bad teams come from) and Yale produces far too many Republicans and CIA agents for my blood (Skull and Bones anybody?).

But that changed today. I now love Connecticut. It gives me hope. This morning, I heard the news that Connecticut’s government — by listening to its own people, and against the wishes of lobbyists and manufacturers in the state– passed strict gun control legislation.

It did so in a bipartisan manner under a Democratic governor in a time when I had forgotten that politicians can work together. It did so, it believes, in the best interests of all the people even though it may lose business in the state as gun manufacturers lose business. It put vote-less people (children) first over the powerful (lobbyists) and it actually thought deeply about its decision.

If every state ran this way, the world would be a much better place. Until then, I get to live in a state that does. I love Connecticut.


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