Because It Matters

Sometimes that Jesus guy just gets in the way — of sleep,  of politics, of economics, of every bit of “life as it is”.  Sometimes I wonder why he doesn’t get in the way of more people’s lives. When I say Jesus, I don’t mean “The Christ”,  “the church” or “theology” which are all open to interpretation and which we can endlessly prattle on about, pressing them into the service of whatever political viewpoint we want, so that we can talk about politics in the  abstract  rather than each other in reality.

This morning, the alarm went off to NPR, and the local version (Connecticut) began talking about housing and how the average person in Stamford must make $23.00 per hour at 40 hours per week in order to afford rental housing.  Not food or clothing, mind you, but just shelter.  Further, they went on to say that

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