My Super Bowl Review

I get overwhelmed by excess sometimes, so the Super Bowl might already be problematic for me. 

Having said that…

I never want to go online to see an ad before the game. I don’t need to see something that’s designed to sell me something else. There’s a reason I like my shows without commercials. It doesn’t change during The Biggest Game of All Time!!!!!!!!! The ads are not news. They are not  an event.  They are ads. It’s not my fault that companies pay a gazillion  dollars for less and  less time. I don’t want to see them more than I have to. Got it? I want to watch the football  game.  That’s the event. 

I don’t want to take a half an hour to start the game. The half-time show is there because there’s a halftime in the game. There is no pre-game.  The Hyundai Starting-of-the- Game thing isn’t necessary. It’s bad enough I have to put up with the announcement of the special honorary coin tossers and the description of the coin before the actual tossing of the coin to start the game. ‘

I wouldn’t want to be the NRA as the kids from Newtown — and Jennifer Hudson, who lost family members to gun violence. I also wouldn’t want to be a kid from Newtown who was there. It would be overwhelming enough to sing at the Super Bowl. Under these conditions, it might have been too much. I don’t know whether I would have let my kid go. Who am I kidding? It would be good to get out of town. 

The Game was actually good quality –it was professional football. Nobody messed up on the field. Still, what’s the deal with punching each other at the beginning? How come nobody got ejected? 

The QB of the 49ers, Kaepernik, was human and clearly got shook up by the fact that he was intercepted not just once but — what? — 3 times. He looked like a kid, because I think he is a kid. 

The half-time show did not include a wardrobe malfunction. It didn’t need one. My 11 year old daughter was asking things like “What is she wearing?”  She is a talented singer, and Destiny’s Child was a nice reunion thing, but it didn’t seem like it was about music or musicians. It was about EVERYTHING LOUD,BIG, and  including SEX! 

It was an incredible run-back by the Ravens to start the 2nd half. 

When the lights went out, I could hear gamblers going ballistic  around the country. 

I thought to myself “what happens if the game can’t be finished? What happens if you stop a holiday? Does everybody get their money back? Does the nation mourn and the financial markets crash? 

I could read the lips of the coach of the Ravens. It wasn’t pretty. 

Why is beer now in black bottles? 

Not surprisingly, the momentum changed after the sort-of-blackout.  

Momentum is such a weird thing. 3rd quarter, the Ravens could do nothing right, 9ers could do nothing wrong after the blackout.  Even when the 9ers blew it on a field goal, the Ravens’ bad luck continued and momentum continued. 

Even with the delay, did it really need need to be 9:47pm in the 3rd quarter? The game usually takes longer than usual, but 3 and 3/4 hrs to not finish 3 quarters.  And it seems  like the game was fast-paced. 

OK, a few good commercials — the Clydesdale and “Everybody Wants to Be Free” .

4th quarter starts at 6 minutes to 10pm?  Elementary will never be on.

Ravens are back playing quality ball, but what’s with grabbing people’s necks to tackle them?

Some guy gets paid to squirt Gatorade into a player’s mouth?! And who says there are no jobs? 

Strategy rules the day — a safety?!

All-in-all, a really good game.





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