Enough Already

I am beside myself with sadness today. Newtown, CT is about an hour from my home. An hour away from where my children were in school, children were taken away from their families by a gunman. This has to stop.

The most recent news is that these were legal guns, owned by the shooter’s mother. That means two things: 1) by our laws, he had the right to own that weapon. 2) I don’t know what was bothering this man, but clearly his response was way past inappropriate. Therefore, by definition, he was crazy. I’d say “mentally ill” but that would make the mentally look bad. No, this is just crazy. It is beyond explanation. Now children are dead.

In the song by the Boomtown Rats, “I don’t like Mondays”, about a shooting like this one 25 years ago, the writer says, “and he can see no reason/’cause there is no reason/what reason do you need/to die ?”. This is beyond senseless. Explanations aren’t going to cut it here, but something needs to change. This can’t go on.

Do we need gun control? Yes. Do we need human control? Yes. Do we need to keep easily accessible guns out of the hands of crazy people? Yes. Do we need to see this kind of thing coming? Yes.

There is nothing about this situation that can be made right…unless we learn from it.

We all have to give something here. I have to assume that this man’s problems are longstanding. If that’s the case, someone should have noticed and sent him to a therapist and probably a psychiatrist. Who might that be? Anybody. Mother, father, girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend, colleague, peer — someone had to notice something.

As a therapist, I need to take seriously the harm people are capable of when they are this far gone.
But I need some place to send them when they are this bad. We need to have beds available and you’d be surprised at how hard those are to come by. Insurance needs to pay for more than 3 days (72 hours is a standard hold, but hospitals don’t always want to ask, and may err because they don’t).
On the other side, maybe we need to ban assault weapons capable of doing this kind of damage, or pistols which can be concealed. I don’t care if we have the “right” to have arms. We have the right to have kids who are safe.

The only ones who shouldn’t have to give in this situation is kids who don’t have weapons, aren’t violent, aren’t likely to be violent — you know, kids in general. And we shouldn’t be in any hurry to make them be anything more than children. We adults will be busy worrying.




6 thoughts on “Enough Already

  1. My heart also aches for these people…and also for the family from here that found the remains of their son/brother’s body last evening that has been missing since June. Killed, dismembered, moved piece by piece and burned in Potter, allegedly by his wife. And for the wife….with a 4 year old that will never have his father and probably not his mother. My heart aches for all of the kids 50 years aago that hid under desks and in hallways during air raid drills, that couldn’t understand why their parents wouldn’t build air raid shelters. My heart aches for all of the families that have lost loved ones because of airplane hijackings………. The list goes on and on…thru generation after generation…. WHERE IS GOD? Maybe that is where we all should look…especially now…during advent. Even in the schools…… Even tho it isn’t government approved. It is up to ALL of us to start the change..not through insurances or money or government…but thru truth and understanding and most of all love. Rest in Peace all of the people that have suffered and belive in the everlasting all of the survivors…….

    • Oh my God, Marilyn. I didn’t know about the thing in Potter.
      I agree that WE need to change, and that we should seek God so that this stops. I would just say “and” instead of “not”. But, generally, yes.

      I’m praying for you and all the people affected by Potter.

      Thanks for sharing.



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