Taking Their Ball And Going Home?

My wife was telling me tonight about corporations that are cutting back hours so they don’t have to take part in “Obamacare”. Seriously?

I have heard that there are people saying they would like to secede because of the results of the election. Seriously?

Ted Nugent, Victoria Jackson and others have spoken as though they were going to die becauses of the election. Seriously?

Grover Nordquist was on CBS This Morning and said Romney lost the election because he called Obama a “poopyhead”. Seriously ? Yes, seriously. CBS took him to task a bit, but Nordquist remained steadfast in his belief that No new taxes is what people voted for…

Donald Trump tweeted “This isn’t a democracy!” when his side lost.

When did 5 year olds start running the country? I went to school with people like this in elementary school. We called them “spoiled brats” back then… And they still are.

Folks, get over it. You lost to Obama and the future. You lost the Civil War in the late 1800s! You lost to non-violence in the 1950’s. You lost this election despite spending more money than God. (At least Linda McMahon isn’t whining publicly how “it’s not fair”. I have to give her credit for that.)

Here’s the deal: More people than not are accepting of diversity and others’ needs. More people than not want to be free and have some say in their lives. More people than not believe that things are so unfair they had to stop it from getting worse. In a democracy, where each person (not each dollar) gets one vote, you lost.

Why? Because you isolated yourself from all “the little people”. Oddly, for business people, you can’t do math. If you start with all of the people who are here and anger 1/2 of them, discount another 10 -15% of them, complain about the presence of an expanding group, tell them that 47% are mooches and isolate yourself from the 99%, there’s not enough of a majority left to vote for you.

You set up the system. You rigged the system to work for you. You threatened. You cajoled. And you still lost. And now you whine that it’s not fair? You’re going to take your ball and go home? Grow up. Whine if you need to, but leave the ball here. If you can’t play with all the people on the playground, you can’t play.

When you are ready to play by the rules, come back and talk to us. We’ll be here.

The thing you never understood is that most of us believe in fairness, that fairness is a good rule, and that, in a democracy, fairness ultimately wins out. It’s not going to kill you to play fair, even if you think it is. If that weren’t true , you’d be dead already. So there.




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