A Request of Subscribers…

I don’t know who all of you are re: “Like It Matters” (there doesn’t seem to be a way to find out, as far as I can tell), so I’m doing it this way. If you subscribe to “Like It Matters”, you might also like my other (newer) blog: “Because It Matters”  It features the same “high class” writing style by that same “high class” author.  I  have/will continue to write “Like…” but am trying to be more positive and less “snarky” on “Because…” (think “more Oprah-ish”) because I think it’s important to say positive things about important people/ideas, etc.

“Because” can be found at … http://revlmftblog2.com

(BTW, I know you’re busy and probably have more important things to do than read something else. I have really enjoyed the comments I’ve seen in “Like…” and thought you might like to know about “Because” — you are under no obligation, and you don’t have to give back the free phone that looks like a football  ; ) )







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