No Tax Freeze Without Representation!!!

From toady’s Huffington Post:

“On the Senate side, Sens. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.), Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) and Rob Portman (R-Ohio) will serve on the commission, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell announced. Reps. Dave Camp (R-Mich.), Fred Upton (R-Mich.) and Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas) will represent House Republicans, said Speaker John Boehner.

All six Republicans have signed a pledge to Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform that they will not vote to raise taxes”.

Who the heck is Grover Norquist? Unless he’s elected, he shouldn’t have enough power to determine the fate of America. Again, as I said last week, elected officials who refuse to negotiate are not States-people, concerned with the welfare of their constituents or the country as a whole.  Trench warfare is not bipartisanship. Also, as I said last week, — like it or lump it —  Standard and Poors lowered our credit rating because they weren’t convinced that we could solve our debt crisis with the way things are between the parties. Forgetting whether their math is wrong, whether they have the right to do so or not, they have done so and they’ve named their reasons. Since then, the stock market has taken 3 massive hits (with one rebound good day in the middle). Once again, Republicans are saying in advance that they won’t negotiate and once again the stock market takes a hit. Are these people listening?

A recent poll said 60% of Americans think we should tax the rich. Grover Norquist thinks we shouldn’t and 3 Senators and 3 Representatives are listening to him. I assume Nordquist is rich, but I don’t know that. Whether he is or he isn’t, who the hell is he to shanghai my and everyone else’s democracy? Let him cast his vote like everybody else. Let him have one vote, like you, me and the person next door. I was slightly distressed when Labor spent a whole lot of money on ads in Wisconsin to oust people that needed to be ousted. But they are a whole organization, representing thousands — maybe millions — of people. They also fought over six seats.  Thousands of people trying to sway opinion for 6 votes — that’s democracy.  One man owning 6 representatives? That’s something alright, but it’s not democracy. And I don’t want to hear that his voice is part of a grassroots movement to lower taxes. I suspect the only part of Grover Nordquist that touches grassroots is the heel of his shoe!  And a movement? That requires more than one person. 60% of people with a desire to tax the rich? That’s a movement.

Nor do I want to hear how this is “fair” under the phrase “no raising of taxes on anyone!”  I haven’t heard anybody arguing for tax increases on the middle class or the poor — not Obama, not a Democrat or a Republican or a Socialist. What everyone is arguing about is tax increases on the richest of the rich.  I’m not for it myself, but if 60% of America — heck, even 51% of America wanted no tax increases on the rich, I’d have to settle for that, because it would be the way we do things in America — it would be a representative democracy — the kind of thing our fore-fathers fought for, the kind of thing our Constitution says we have, the kind of thing we’re trying to export as ideal around the world.  It’s not perfect and it’s messy, but it’s us at our best!

If Nordquist wants to own a country, let him buy a little island somewhere — and let him move there! Meanwhile the rest of us will hem and haw, argue, and fight and come up with solutions for our lives.  When did Nordquist become king in a country where we already have a system of government? And why are the Republicans  letting him? As strange as it sounds, we have gotten to the point where the new call to our Patriots should be “No Tax Freeze Without Representation!”, because the only people who don’t want a tax on the rich are … some of the rich.  Even some of the rich think we should tax the rich.

If Nordquist — whoever he is — can have his pledge for  “Americans for Tax Reform”, then I can have my “Americans for Taxing the Rich and Supporting Everyone Else” pledge. Can I have some bi-partisan support for that?  How about multi-partisan support? How about no parties involved support for that?  Can I get a witness??!!

In America, if Grover Norquist can have one, so can I — and so can you.






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