Respect and Review

What happened to respect in this country? The other day, I was commenting to my neighbor that — when I was a kid — no one’s parent’s had first names. Everybody’s parents’ first name was “Mr” or ” Mrs.”  I know we don’t believe in hierarchy in this country and we act like everyone’s equal, but Dang! The guy with no teeth on Jerry Springer who slept with his wife’s girlfriend while drunk may be the same in God’s eyes as somebody who worked, has a degree, and runs a state or the country. They may even get the same treatment in my office because of God’s view of their worth. The President of the United States is still  The President of the United States. In the last two days, one person in the media called The President of the United States a slang word for for the male sex organ. The next day, a Republican senator told the same President of the United States to “take a valium and calm down”.  What is going on here?  When Clinton went to a aircraft carrier years ago, soldiers mocked him openly. Was he not the Commander in Chief (aka their boss of bosses?) 

I’m not saying that people shouldn’t protest the government or have the right to real discussion or even their opinion of the President, but he is the President. Have some respect, people! Is it just me or wouldn’t this have sent somebody to Guantanamo for the first 10 years of this century? Not that the President would have done it himself, but there would have been teams dispatched by Dick Cheney (it’s ok, that’s his name) to lambaste the person on Fox News for being unpatriotic, careers would have been destroyed,  death threats would have been issued.  Does anybody remember the Dixie Chicks? All they said was, “we’re ashamed of our President”. Their careers went through hell.  The man who used the “D” word got suspended , not fired. The Senator from today? I haven’t heard. The Senator who said “You Lie!” during Obama’s State-of-The-Union a few years ago got a good tongue-lashing  (ewwww… scary!)  from his colleagues privately. No death threats, no calls for him to resign, no teams dispatched to the talk shows. 

Then Obama finally gets mad — about a real issue —  and is told to take a valium?  Are you kidding me?!! I’m getting really sick of the bullies complaining that they’ve been hurt.  I’m sick of the liberal view being attacked, and I’m sick of liberal people being attacked. Jon Stewart called a racist, indeed!!! You’re kidding, right? Fox News has their nickers all twisted because Stewart deigned to pick on one of the Republican candidates. The group that foments race-baiting is mad because he picked on an African-American? The group that said Obama isn’t really an American and maintained that he didn’t have citizenship here really has the audacity to call out Jon Stewart?  Come on. 

And, while I’m on it, this liberal, (except when he’s not) wants to point out that things I have said in this blog that have come to pass:

1) The president’s voice gets drowned out by right wing zealots  (“If The President Felled a Tree…”)

2) The president is not that liberal and Republicans are obstructionists  (“You Haven’t Done Nothin’ “)

3) Helen Caldicott’s not a whack job. Nukes are a bad idea.  (“The Not-So-Thin Line Between Prophet and Whack Job”) Fujitama is still melting down. Oh, and now there’s that nuke in the mid-west being flooded.

4) The economy is really messed up. (My last two blogs.) 

Folks, we liberals don’t make this stuff up. We deserve a little credit and a little respect.  Thanks. 






3 thoughts on “Respect and Review

  1. Do you think that:
    1) Respect should be earned
    2) Respect should be given until demonstrated that none is warranted
    3) Respect should be given under all circumstances, regardless

    (there is a distinction between respecting someone, and treating someone with respect. For instance, I believe that a VP at my former company was mostly responsible for driving them to bankruptcy – I do not respect him but I treated him with respect.)

  2. Bob:

    Great question. I never thought of it that way. My answer is: I will give.anyone the benefit of the doubt until they prove otherwise or unless I know they have a tendency toward not respecting others. That is, I treat them with respect as I would want them to. That used to be shown in formality, as I alluded to in the blog.

    Beyond that, I think people who have titles should also be treated with respect and allowed the dignity of their accomplishments which gave them their title (I.e. Being voted in by a good margin).

    As a person with titles, one in front of my name and one after it, it is my job to live up to that trust and earn the respect by doing my job the best I can. If I can’t, for whatever reasons — and have been given a reasonable chance — it’s my job to step out of the way and let someone who can. By 2012, Obama will see — by vote — if he’s done a good job. If he hasn’t — as shown by that — he should, and will, step aside.

    I don’t think hes been given a reasonable chance yet, frankly, due to birthers, etc. In which case, he should still be treated with respect — both due title and due to his achieving the vote.



  3. I mostly agree, except for titles. I will almost always *act* with respect toward people, even though they might not deserve my respect.

    For instance, I believe that Mr. Obama either:
    1) Understands economics and decides to ignore them for his own personal benefit, or
    2) is ignorant of economics.
    So when he makes decisions that are undoubtedly bad for this country, how can I possibly respect him? If I meet him I would *treat* him with respect (address him as Mr. President, speak in a respectful manner, etc.) but I will not respect him, regardless of his title. Anyone can run for president and offer to hand out free money, that doesn’t deserve my respect. Instead I would respect people who contribute to our society, like you (and always remember that as much as I disagree with you on certain issues, you should always realize how much respect I have for you because of your job where you help so many people in need).

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