Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggggghhhh! A Response to the Republican “Town Hall”

My daughter was home sick today and so she got to watch her father yell at the TV screen this morning as I watched lie after lie after lie after lie come from my screen.

To be fair, there was a woman from CBS with a clear liberal view asking questions and a couple of Republican newbies who seemed genuine and interested in making politics work in Washington.

But darn, they’re dumb, or missing the point or just plain lying. Aaaaarrrrrrggggghhhh! It makes my blood boil.

So, here’s my response to their “view”:

1) I don’t EVER want to hear about the budget deficit without somebody on the Republican side admitting that THEIR man destroyed a surplus through a war that he couldn’t justify, simply because he felt like having one. Until they take responsibility for getting us in this mess, I don’t want to hear that I’m supposed to trust them and their financial plans. They have to EARN my trust by taking responsibility for their own actions and explaining how they’re going to fix the mess they made.

2) A question came from the audience, “since the government employs 20% of the labor force, how can you cut government without increasing unemployment?”. First off, nobody answered the question, which I’d never even thought about before. Secondly, I’m sick of people saying that “government doesn’t create jobs”.If someone is employed, by definition, they have a job! If they work for the government, the government has created a job! It may not be a “sustainable” job, but it does help people and they pay taxes and use the economic system just like people in factories do, so government can create jobs, and does.

3) I don’t want to hear how by cutting people’s $400 per month welfare checks we’re going to save the economy and balance the deficit, without asking people who make millions to help do the same. By simple math, you have to save a lot of $100.00 bills to make up for a million dollar corporate tax break or a tax break for the wealthiest 1%. The rich need to get over themselves and pay their fair share!

4) Preventing someone else from doing something is NOT the same as doing something yourself. If you are not going to compromise, don’t tell me you’re interested in moving things forward.

5) Something is changing in the world of economics. Big companies make big profits … and keep them. They don’t reinvest and they don’t create jobs with their money. They want more for less from their employees, they want to mechanize, and they would rather do anything but hire someone with benefits. Trickle down economics is — in actuality — a lie because nothing is trickling down. Demanding that we use old formulations of how things work when they don’t work that way is just blowing smoke and the Republicans I saw today were demanding just that! Enough already! Unbridled capitalism doesn’t work any more than unbridled communism does. The excesses put forth by ANY system need to be controlled. The people I saw this morning want to control excesses where there aren’t any and free up people who already have too much freedom! Again, enough already!

6) You can’t say you are against government spending and then ask for disaster relief or educational funding or money from the Feds for building roads. You can’t say you’re against earmarks and earmark tax breaks for corporations. If you really don’t want government, don’t ask for it. If you say “People aren’t allowed to have needs and shouldn’t expect help”, then states shouldn’t either. You can’t have it both ways.

I could scream for hours, but that’s as much ranting as I want to do today…


Editor’s additional note: My friend Becky was in a tornado in the South recently and apparently has had problems with FEMA. If the government is going to be of help, they should do it better. Also, of course, Becky isn’t complaining about getting government assistance. Whether her state is not is another question.




2 thoughts on “Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggggghhhh! A Response to the Republican “Town Hall”

  1. John, I wish I could agree with a little of your blog, but alas, I can’t. I cannot blame Bush for the mess when Congress backed it up, whatever happened to that thought?…And I will never forget the look on Hilary’s face on 9/11 when the President spoke and she looked totally bored…I don’t see where that boredom has gotten us anywhere in the last 3 years…. And the stimulus…why is unemplyment higher than it ever was? I am still waiting to see the “change” as we pray every night not to be laid off just before retire3ment…and that the union block all the gainful employment for those that choose to “go it alone” without being forced to follow union rules. the only change I am seeing is a turn toward socialism, and I am not impressed. I don’t ask for government handouts, and those that I know needed help were refused and those that have learned it as a career get more and more….Where is the justice in that? I see farms going down because they can’t get help…Where is the justice when people can make more sitting home on their a….. than doing a fair days labor? We have lived without…many times…We have earned all that we have…fair and square…dollar by dollar.. Do I want people to go hungry…no…Do I want people to loose homes…no. Do I want the government to intervene in all aspects of my life or your life…NO. But they are…more and more…open your eyes and look at the freedoms that we are loosing..the choices that we are not allowed to make… the name of government…Where willo my choice be for medical care in the near future…in Canada? If they need a hemoroid removed…wait 5 or 6 years…it might fall off…I have said enough, you have given me again a nights ponderance…maybe tonight as the thoughts start to boil…I will get up and let you have it!

    Go in peace-

    • Marilyn:

      Your opinion is always welcomed here. I expected it to provoke because it was SUCH a rant.

      I think there’s something fundamentally wrong with the economy — some kind of change in the way we need to think about it. I’m not sure, but I am not sure it can be fixed. Old ways aren’t going to cut it and I dont know if Obama cam solve it without money from the super-rich going back into the economy.
      Re: farm life — can’t Big Bob get subsidies for you folks?

      Re: Hilary, I’m not sure what you’re referring to.

      I agree that Obama’s invading our space, but not just in the standard political ways. Not sure what that’s about.
      As always, I’m sorry to hear you’re hurting and I just hope something good can come out of Washington soon.



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