I Don’t Want to Go Back…

<This part is written in the “sarcasm” font>{

To hear the press tell it, Tuesday’s election’s already over and the Tea Party’s already won! Well, not really… the Republicans have won! Well, not really… nobody’s voted yet, but the Democrats have certainly lost. By now, we all “know” that President Obama’s incompetent, that the American people “all” want to go “ahead” into the new\old era with Republican values, tax breaks for “everyone” (read “the rich”) and a suddenly balanced budget that appears when the rich Republicans (not all Republicans are rich, only the ones running for office) get their money and start creating jobs by investing in America.

But, here, in the Bizarro world that I live in, President Obama may be the most ineffective leader we’ve had in awhile, but he’s not the worst we’ve ever had, by any means. During his tenure, we’ve stopped spending as many billions fighting two wars, many of our soldiers are home again, gay soldiers can now actually be gay and soldiers, the Great Recession has almost stopped, sort of, we have new laws and a new agency to protect us from credit card debt and we have some sort of insurance reform re:health care. Oh, and student loans became easier to get.  It’s not the truly liberal agenda I’d like to see (and I think we need), but gosh-darn-it, his heart’s in the right place.  In my snarky world, where liberals get to speak and matter, I’d think the president’s race had something to do with the full-court press he’s had to contend with since he walked into the White House.

In my Bizarro world, “ahead” doesn’t mean “back to the way things were” —into the new\old era. In my Bizarro world, tax breaks for “everyone” meant “everyone that actually needed one”.  In my Bizarro world, a suddenly balanced budget doesn’t appear by having the government take in less, while spending more for war. In my Bizarro world, rich Republicans running for office got their money and kept their money by investing overseas. Oh, no, wait. I don’t live in the Bizarro world!  That’s what really happened!  <end of sarcasm section>

So how come — if the media, pundits, polls, etc are correct — we’re going to go further to the right? Why is it that we want to give jobs to people who took ours away? Why is it that we want unbridled capitalism when that’s what got us into this mess? Why is it that we want to be competitive in the global marketplace but refuse to put money into education — money which comes from taxes? What is up with us?  Have we been brainwashed by Fox News? Possibly. Have we heard Linda McMahon’s advertising one too many times? Maybe. Have we forgotten where we’ve been spending our money for the last 10 years? Yes. Are we secretly a bunch of racists? Some people are, at least. Have we given up hope of change once the Republicans refused to cooperate? Probably. Was that a brilliant political move? Yes. Was it a helpful-to-America move? Not at all. But do we care? Not at all. Why not? I don’t know.

But here we are, less than a week before election time and we want tax breaks — not jobs, not education, not caring for each other, but tax breaks. We as a nation appear to be voting for fewer regulations on banks and fewer regulations on Wall Street while we complain about having to bail both banks and Wall Street out.

It’s not that the Democrats are fielding great candidates, either. They’re not — at least here in CT. If the ads are to believed, Blumenthal is at least as immoral as McMahon is mean. And the former mayor of Stamford, Dan Malloy, is probably just as bad as Tom Foley when it comes to getting rich while others become poor.

But it doesn’t matter who the Democrats field, because we want no more than mediocrity in our elected officials.  Why waste people-who-care’s time running? They’re only going to look worse losing.

I know I’m odd, according to the polls, but I don’t want to go back to a free-free-free market economy. I don’t want the rich to get any richer than they already have. If I can’t stand Linda McMahon’s 15 second commercials, I’m certain I can’t handle 4 years of her as a Senator.                                                                                                                                                                                   But, even outside of Connecticut, the entire Senate looks wide open and people are mad because Barbara Boxer’s a liberal, or Nancy Pelosi ran House and seems liberal, or Barney Frank’s a liberal.  They’re not particularly mad because these people didn’t get them jobs, or save the economy. In fact, stories seem to indicate that people think they didn’t do enough re: healthcare reform.  But to read the polls, those people are mad because they disagree with those tax-and-spend liberals who want to give to the poor, rather than the tax-and-spend right wing who want to give to the war.  I can’t imagine how that’s really true, but it seems to be a foregone conclusion according to the papers.

I have never worked for a particular party ever, but I’m seriously considering working for Connecticut democrats for the next few days up to the election.  I don’t want to wake up in a world where the poor, the mentally ill, the disenfranchised aren’t even mentioned.   Since they are the people Jesus worried most about, I don’t want to have to put them back “on the table”. I want them to be included from the get-go. I want a President, a Congress, and a judicial system that believes in things like “fairness” and “justice” and “compassion”, instead of “tax breaks for all”.

So there it is — my fears about the upcoming election. I want to fit in with my own country. I want my country to have my values, not leave me way out in left field. I want the questions to be different. And so far, I haven’t heard that yet.






2 thoughts on “I Don’t Want to Go Back…

  1. President Obama could certainly be more effective if the Republicans hadn’t decided to go against anything he proposes just because. And a lot of people get impatient when the changes don’t happen fast enough, so throw the bums out and put in the other party, even if it has a completely different ideology.

    • Val:
      I agree. Still, once he got over the fact that they weren’t going to go along with anything he said, there must be some way to get his political agenda dealt with. There are people who “play politics” all the time in DC. Maybe Obama should have been one of them (a thought that will infuriate my right-leaning friends who think he had free reign to do whatever he wanted).



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