Can’t We Do Better Than This?

It’s less than a week before the election in CT and — I don’t know about other states — but it’s a mess here. Running for Senator from our fine state is a wealthy-beyond-measure woman who is spending all of her money to buy the governorship. She, when this all started, spoke of being a businesswoman who went bankrupt and made her way back to be an employer of a hundred new jobs. It sounded like she made widgets at some small business or owned a grocery store or some other small business. She neglected to say that she and her husband were the CEOs of World Wrestling Entertainment, that all-around wholesome small business where people act like insane and violent psychos for money.

To her credit, she has probably kept the television stations and advertising industries in Connecticut going during this bad economy. She has done so by driving most of the state insane with a commercial every 5 minutes or so.

Her opponent for senator is Dick Blumenthal, I guy I really liked until he ran for senate and was caught lying about his Vietnam record, his donation from PACs. Still, he kept on. McMahon, his opponent, pointed out that his family owns or built the Empire State Building — so much for being “one of us” class-wise. The reason I’ll vote for Blumenthal? He’s not McMahon. That’s it.  Do I think he’s corrupt? Yep.  But he’s the lesser of two evils.

To top it all off, the reason these two are vying for the spot is that Chris Dodd allegedly got caught with his hand in the housing cookie jar and decided not to run.

Lest you think we could only send corrupt people to Washington, we can keep some for ourselves. Running for governor are the former mayor of Stamford and a former Washington insider. According to the commercials, one lost 13,000 jobs in Stamford and the other closed a plant in the South, laying old ladies off and destroying a town, and they have the actual people to prove it. I’m not sure which of the two I least want to vote for.

A decade or so ago, George Bush the First won the presidency by not being the other guy. Cynics said that he didn’t have an agenda of his own, he just wasn’t his opponent. I have to tell you, in Connecticut, neither of our gubernatorial candidates seems to have a plan of their own. But they clearly are not the other guy who doesn’t have a plan.

One positive trend: we’re starting to see people disapproving of rich CEOs who make money for themselves while firing workers. That’s progress.

Still, couldn’t we do better than this?




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