Told Ya So!!!

A very brief blog tonight… Lindsay Lohan is going to jail — where she belongs. Let’s see, after blowing off court, having her ankle bracelet go off after going to a club while on probation, she suddenly felt clearer?  Let me guess.  She stopped using/drinking …. uh… yesterday.  Yeah, yeah, that’s it!!!  Her tears “immediately after the rulling” somehow didn’t convince the judge that she was serious and getting better. (What a shock!!!! An addict who doesn’t stop, lies about it, and appears to have remorse after getting caught?!!! Whoever heard of such a thing?!!!)  

Sandra Bullock’s divorce is final. Jesse James (her ex-husband)’s  pouting to the TV cameras didn’t make a difference.  So, again, let me get this straight:  He married her, decided to adopt a baby with her, cheated on her more times than you can imagine, had all this brought to the public’s attention via his mistress (and possibly prostitutes) during her moment of glory, then went to rehab (which is all about taking responsibility for your actions) and — instead of talking to her and embarassing her less, he talked to the cameras and embarrassed her more, keeping his name alive in the tabloids a little longer.  And somehow, after all this, saying “She’s a great mother and a good person” (which we already guessed)and “I messed up” (which we already knew) somehow didn’t win her heart?   Gee, what a shock!!!

Good people of the world, take heart! Bad people sometimes have to face the consequences of their actions — no matter how famous they are, no matter how much money they have, no matter what kind of a lawyer they have.  People who mis-behave, be warned.  Most people want to believe that you’re good. Most people will give you a mistake or two before they really start to get incensed.  We did that for — what — twenty years now?  The time is coming — and may, in fact be here already — that people will say “enough is enough”. 

Throughout the news over the last few months, people are getting fed up with the rich, the famous, the lawyered-up, the corporate, the greedy having no consequences for their actions. Most to the point: the guy from BP who said, “I want a life again” got grief for it, then later sailed his yacht in the Gulf while his oil continued to detroy the very same waters that other people use for their living. Ooops. He got fired. And not — for once — because he made BP look bad.  He was fired because he was doing a horrible job of being responsible for his own actions. It was like he said, “Let them eat oil!” and can’t figure out why the mob outside is angry.

Remember the guy who got his whole state covered for health insurance so that the bill could pass? People were upset about that, too. I think that ended up not being in the final draft, but I’m not sure. Sports stars are no longer exempt from being in trouble. Carry a gun into a nightclub? Beat up your girlfriend? Rape a woman? Go to jail… or at least stop being treated like royalty in your sport .   Works for me – and I dare say — it works for a lot of people. 

Even my clients know what’s going on — one understaood what I meant about the $35.00 cup of coffee  (that’s a 3500% interest rate on a dollar cup of coffee!!!) and then went on to complain about charging people $35.00 per day for being overdrawn.  As another one said, They already know you don’t have any money. And in this economy!”  We all agreed that at least with a loanshark you knew what you were getting into.  “Banks seem so nice…” he said. Ooooh… poor banks, they’re being penalized for being over-the-top greedy!!! Well, maybe not anymore.

 Maybe Wall Street will stop giving out million dollar bonuses.  Woody Guthrie used to say “some’ll rob you with a six-gun and some with a fountain pen”… And it’s still true today.  And, Like Lindsay Lohan and Jesse James (the motorcycle guy, not the bank robber) you can only beat the system, buy the system, nudge the system your way, “spin” the image so many times before we start saying, “Enough is enough!”. 

Told ya so.




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