Answers for Emma

My friend Dawn posted something to her Facebook page the other day that I took as a challenge.  Dawn and her husband Derek are very old friends   of mine (I’ve known Derek longer) and members of my brief (1 and 1/2 years, I think) try at a new church start awhile ago. I still consider myself slightly  responsible for their spiritual lives, even if they don’t.  That includes Emma, so when Dawn posted I thought it would be fun… Here’s Dawn’s original post…

“Dawn…was asked these questions from a feverish five-year-old in the middle of the night: Mommy, how were we made? How did God make people? Why did he make people have different skin colors? Why do alligators have sharp teeth? How do they make apple juice?`

Here are my answers…

Boy, Emma, you ask alot of questions!  That’s a good thing, and I hope you continue to do that all of your life.  There are alot of answers to your questions and nobody really knows about the “God” questions because none of us humans (that I know of) were there when it happened. Having said that, I’ll tell you what I think, and hope you will continue to try and figure it out for yourself some day.

1) and 2) How were we made? and How did God make people?  These are big questions for a lot of people.  I assume that God makes people pretty much the same way God always has…  When you get older, your Mom can give you some of the details of how it works, but even what she tells you isn’t the whole story.  The Bible talks about 3 different ways that God made people and/or the universe.  Most people don’t know that, so now you’re ahead of the game.

The first story says that God created the world in 7 days and that after that God created humans by taking mud and breathing into it and “poof!” there we were.  Another story says that God made men and then realized he’d never be happy by himself, so God took a rib out of the man and made the first woman.  These stories are in the first part of the Bible. Later, the Bible says that God’s words made  everything else in the universe. I kind of assume that means people, too.  Here’s the thing, though: whether it’s because God breathed, God did weird surgery, or God talked, God created people because God wanted to.  Since God is holy, everything God makes is holy, too. That means every person alive, including you, is precious to God.  All the animals and plants that God created — whether we like them or not — even if we think they’re yucchy!!! is important to God. 

3) Why did God make people with different skin colors?  Wow! Good question.  Again, a lot of answers. I’m not totally sure, but I think God made it that way to help people be OK where they live. I think people with a lot of sun near them during their lives are darker and so don’t burn as much — but I’m not sure about that.  Another reason — and I am pretty sure about tis one — why people are yellow and red and pink and brown?  For the same reason God makes rainbows or flowers or birds with so many colors — because it makes the world a prettier place.  In addition to cool eye colors and hair colors and heights and weights and all the other stuff have to make the world a prettier place, skin color is one more.

4) Why do alligators have sharp teeth?  So they can eat, silly! They like to eat things that are tough to chew : leather, tin cans, trees, and all kinds of meat. They’re pretty scary and you should avoid them so they don’t eat you, but they’re also pretty dumb as animals go, so they’re not particularly good at conversation either… It’s kind of boring to spend any time with them (and they could eat you), so I’d avoid them altogether, even if they’re important to God.

5) How do they make apple juice?  They take apples right off the tree and they put them under big screens and they mush the apples and the juice comes out. Do you have apples in your backyard. If you do, you could make apple juice too some day.

Well, that’s all for now… We can talk again later.  Be well, little girl!  Your Mom and Dad love you very much, and God loves you even more…




2 thoughts on “Answers for Emma

  1. Thanks John! I will be sure to pass on the answer to Emma. We had some similar answers! We’ve talked a little about Adam and Eve but I got a little stuck on how more people came after them. 🙂 I had the same answer about skin color and the sun. 🙂 It amazes me how her mind works and what she thinks about. It also amazes me how I don’t always know the answer. I get stuck on a lot of the God ones. I consider you my spiritual guide so we might be coming to you for more answers! Thanks again!

  2. Dawn: Happy to help. It was fun! She’s a great and beautiful girl, so the answers you do give her to questions like “Do you love me?” and “Am I important?” seem to be the right ones already!



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